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Welcome back to News First Network, I'm Judd Harvey and this is live coverage of the incredible story that has stunned the country since it began earlier this week, and continues to evolve seemingly by the hour. Right now our Sylvia Goodman is standing by at Eastview High School, where one of the suspects was a star athlete during his years there. Sylvia, I understand you've learned this person also had a very different side of his personality. Tell us about that.

Judd, you're right, in fact after talking to many of the teachers and administrators here a very complex picture of this suspect is emerging. There may even have been hints of trouble yet to come, hints that nobody seemed to notice at the time. One specific point has come up over and over in all my conversations here--

Sylvia, sorry to cut in, we'll try and come back to you soon, but it looks like a major announcement is coming from the chief of police so we're switching over to Rick Jordan at city hall -- okay, do we have Rick?

Judd, yes, I'm here, I think you can all see the chief standing by the podium, along with other law enforcement officials. We've been told he's going to reveal new information that police learned from interviews with eyewitnesses who narrowly escaped injury when this incredible saga began. Now it looks like the chief is ready--

Rick -- Judd here again -- I hate to do this, but we're getting word right now from Linda Harper at the waterfront, where dockworkers have apparently made an astonishing discovery. NFN has the only crew on the scene at Pier 34, so Linda, let's toss this over to you for the latest. What do we know?

Thanks Judd, I've just spoken with the foreman of the crew that was about to load some cargo onto a ship, and in the process uncovered a crucial piece of evidence that may lead investigators in a completely new direction. I've been asked not to reveal certain details but I can tell you in general terms what's been found, and why it's so important.

Stand by Linda, I really, really apologize -- I'm being told that a house-to-house search is now in progress and police may be on the verge of an arrest and, uh, I believe we have Ellen Sherwood on the phone now, she's a resident of the Maplehaven neighborhood. Ellen, you say something is happening at the house next to yours?

Is that -- am I on?

Yes, Ellen, you're on the air, go ahead.

Everything started about an hour ago, I looked out my window and saw, well, I guess what you call SWAT teams, and they knocked on my door and said to stay inside, and I can see them now, they have rifles and body armor and there must be, oh, about 20 or 30 of them at least--

Ellen -- this is Judd again -- hold that thought, and don't go anywhere -- we need to come back to the studio for a moment because an important guest is joining us here on the set. This man is making numerous allegations about widespread police and FBI misconduct and he's agreed to give us an exclusive interview. Dr. Howard Rocklin, thanks for coming in.

My pleasure.

This is a good time to remind all NFN viewers they can stay even more fully updated 24/7 by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Professor, you teach Media Studies and you're making very serious charges against high officials. Are you prepared to back them up?

Absolutely. A lot of the so-called 'evidence' is totally bogus. The public is being relentlessly manipulated. The lies are blatant and obvious. It'll take about 90 seconds to explain who's lying and prove I'm telling the real truth. Do you have 90 seconds?

Wait -- I'm so sorry, professor -- you'll have to stand by, I do apologize. Something is happening downtown, there are reports of an emergency situation developing in the business district and we've sent Kyle Harrison to check it out. Kyle, give us the latest.

Judd, this story just gets more and more complex. We've got a police checkpoint being set up here at the corner of 9th Street and Front Avenue and a hazardous materials team has just arrived. A moment ago I talked with two reliable sources at the environmental services office, and while we never want to leap ahead and make premature conclusions I think what I'm about to say will make everyone think about this case in an entirely different way, so brace yourselves--

Kyle, stay right there buddy, I promise -- cross my heart -- we'll get back to you really, superquick soon, but we're the top of the hour now and it's time for a short commercial break. You're watching News First, where we know that being first isn't everything -- it's the ONLY THING!

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