10/14/2008 02:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let The Future Games Begin!

This is important news for all alumni and boosters who have loyally supported our sports teams here at Bigtime University. When I was hired as athletic director, the administration made it clear my top priority must be the replacement of the outdated, undersized basketball arena.

I can honestly say it's been a very educational experience. The design of the new facility has been modified and revised numerous times during the past few years. A computer-generated image of the latest version is posted right now on the Big-U website and it's been getting very favorable comments from students, faculty and staff.

On the negative side, a search committee hasn't found any suitable
location for the new arena. Estimated construction price currently stands
at $300 million, most of which would be raised through the sale of
state-backed bonds. Approval from the legislature is by no means assured.

For all these reasons, it's now obvious to me that instead of trying to
move the new arena from cyberspace into the real world, a better scenario
could be achieved by taking our athletic programs and moving in the
opposite direction.

Transforming basketball from a live-action event to a virtual reality
presentation offers a multitude of benefits to the university and our
audience. The explosive growth of fantasy football leagues is clear evidence
that Americans will accept consumer-oriented innovations that make sports
more exciting and entertaining.

The Big-U cyber squad will include every hoopster in school history who
ever scored a point. I've already initiated discussions with the other
members of our conference to make sure all team rosters use this
methodology. Individual stats will be evaluated by a special software
program to determine the performance potential of each virtual player.

Instead of buying tickets, fans will pay a subscription fee to local
cable companies and receive all telecasts in our patented BigVision format
that also provides on-demand access to internet chat rooms and sports
message boards. Technology advances also make it possible to watch the
action from all angles. Your virtual seat can be at courtside or high in a
luxury box.

No more fighting traffic on cold, rainy nights to make the opening
tipoff. And when the final buzzer sounds, you're already home! We're also
working with the business school to develop an efficient home-delivery
system for food, beverages, and BigU merchandise -- it'll be like having
your own personal concession stand.

Economic benefits to the university will be enormous. No need to spend
any more money for team travel, recruiting visits to high schools, buying
equipment, or laundering towels and uniforms. Valuable staff time will be
freed up to concentrate on quality control and customer service.

Also, simulated players don't need rest or time off for classroom study.
Instead of playing 25 or 30 games each season, we can schedule 100 or more
if subscriber interest is strong enough.

Forget about jammed parking lots. Goodbye crowded stadium tunnels. The
future has arrived and BigU is embracing it. This isn't a tough call. It's
a slam dunk.