Writing Your Truth

08/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Today, I'd like to talk about integrity. As author Nicole Williams states in Earn What You're Worth, "The core of integrity is truth. Your ability to express truth and integrity in all aspects of your life is the surest indicator of how intrinsically worthy you feel. You need truth to act upon your intuition (to be able to hear your truth), to build intimate relationships (to be able to reveal your truth), and to explore your passions (to be able to live your truth)."

Nicole's emphasis on integrity and truth resonates with me because of how powerful those two attributes can be across every aspect of life. Since integrity adds so much to the building of relationships, it seems logical that we'd want to increase our conscious living with integrity; especially given how the current economy is stifling the contributions of so many talented people and it's in positive relationships that we can find renewed energy, inspiration, encouragement and opportunity. If we start living our lives from our truth, the answers and clarity that emerge about our next steps could surprise us.

As an industry, culture, country and world, we're undergoing profound change -- and through change, our integrity (truth) can emerge. Writing is a special and essential tool available to everyone that provides a cathartic opportunity to reflect on life, its evolutions, and our perspectives on it. In particular, during times of hardship, writing takes on even more significance, I believe, because in sharing our stories, we hold light up for others to travel their own paths to freedom and empowerment. So I encourage everyone to use the tool of writing to investigate what's true for them. You never know who you might inspire. And it's a great way to practice adjusting to the changing landscape of our time.