Reviewing "The Unsung Heroes of Burlesque"

12/14/2010 01:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Crisp white walls crawling with photographs of bodies adorned in ingenious and quite often hand-detailed costumes... Burlesque is an art form, yet often overlooked are the artists who embody these glamorous performances. The curator known as Joe the Shark, (Joseph Naftali) brings together the work of 21 artists in an exhibition titled, "The Unsung Heroes of Burlesque." Unsung Heroes recognizes and celebrates the artist's view of scantily clad performers through the lens of a camera.

If you really want to check out some stills that capture not only the costumes and magical make-up of amazing ecdysiasts but their glittering personalities as well, the talented photographers in this exhibit display their artistic expertise of the art of burlesque.

If you still have not yet peeked into a swanky, dimly lit burlesque show, perhaps you will not feel as inhibited to peek at the two-dimensional exhibitionists. Your eyes will dance over the titillating photographs but you can only imagine what was happening in that moment. The art of the tease is something the burlesque performer has perfected. A performer does not "just take it off." The audience is playfully teased and possibly tortured... In burlesque, the performer strips a piece of costume and reveals something, usually flesh, taunts you but then all to quickly covers up. Reveal-conceal-tease-taunt-tempt. The on-going hide and seek challenges the mind to imagine the forbidden. Get your bump and grinder to the exhibit immediately because unfortunately it leaves you with only a few more days to check it out.

Gallery hours are on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-6 and this Thursday the 16th is the closing reception party of the exhibit with gallery hours from 12-8; the reception will begin at 6 and will feature live burlesque. However, the gallery will remain open Friday from 12-8 and Saturday from 12-6. The exhibit officially closes on Saturday.

Slink into the The Fog Gallery, which is located in the West Chelsea Arts Building, 508 West 26th Street, suite 5g, NY.

(Take a sneak peek at one photographer's work!)