12/23/2011 02:06 pm ET | Updated Feb 22, 2012

Santa, Can You Hear Me?

It's that time of year. The time for magic and Christmas miracles -- and TV wish lists! Here are the top 8 TV wishes on my Christmas list! What's on yours?

1. Party of Five Seasons 4-6 on DVD. First off, why on Earth, who on Earth, would green-light the release of seasons 1-3 on any series and then not follow through with releasing the rest? That is simply wrong. Season 1 was released back in May 2004 and once 1 was out, 2 quickly followed in December of 2005. Season 3, on the other hand took its sweet little DVD time and hit the stores in March 2008. Um, so it's been over three years. Where is season 4? How about 5? And 6? All I want is my fair share. All I want is what's coming to me. Please? I'd accept VHS at this point. Seriously. Is the "music" used in the series the hold up? I know there was a ton of "timely" and though not too mainstream-y it was pretty popular music. Rights? Legalities? Delete all the music! The drama and emotion is sound track enough. I'll take it! Whatever the hold up is, I will continue to ask Santa -- year after year, list after list. And then someday, in the old folks home, I will introduce all of my fellow bed ridden friends to the Salinger family (seasons 4-6, of course) and we will all cry int our tapioca. Well, I do hope a Christmas miracle prevents me from waiting that long... but still. I will wait til I have to wait no more.

2. Emmy 2011 do over. Yes. I want to re-live that night. I want to watch again as Kyle Chandler accepts his Emmy. I want to re-experience the madness, re-do the screaming fest that ensued. If I'm being 100% honest, I totally missed the first part if his speech due to tears and screaming. Watching it on YouTube just doesn't cut it. I want to do it again. Plus, Kyle Chandler needs to accept Emmy after Emmy after Emmy. He looks good in a tux. Clear eyes full hearts... did not lose.

3. Heart punch from Dean and/or Dean and Sam. I said it. I miss the feeling Supernatural can undoubtedly emote. Yes, "Death's Door" was amazing, incredible, tragic, beyond sad TV, but it was about Bobby. I love Bobby and I totally loved that ep but what about the "Winchsters"? Remember "Heart"? How about "In My Time of Dying"? Or even any episode involving John. Those episodes hit viewers in the heart. Where did that go? Do not get me wrong. I am enjoying every minute! Yet, that being said, they've yet to go beneath the surface lately. The ep with Jo was clearly an attempt but it didn't do it for me. Connections. It is all based on connections. The strongest, the deepest connection is between Sam and Dean. Exploit it! Punch it! Wreck it! Then tenderly -- and perfectly -- fix it. I do admit, I may have been completely ruined by the perfection that was FNL but still, I know Supernatural is capable. I've been there. So, I will wait. I know it will be back. Please hurry. Thanks.

4. Little Sebastian stuffed animal. See, a pony still makes my Christmas list.

5. TV Gold Recommendation to watch during the mid-season hiatus. Now this is asking a lot. The bar is sky high. I can't even imagine ever topping the series with which I passed the time during last year's winter TV break. And I mean ever. Can you say Friday Night Lights? I started watching 12.26.2010 on Netflix and the rest is history. What an amazing TV journey. Omg. FNL was definitely my Christmas miracle of 2010. I long for good TV. I search endlessly to feel that connection, to love a character, to care about a character. Yes, I live to find and obsess over fabulous fictional people! And FNL delivered! Not only did it deliver it changed my TV landscape -- it may have ruined me forever. And that is totally okay. My question, my worry... what am I going to watch this year? I guess I have to toss out the idea that whatever I do decide to watch will in no way compare. Right? So, any ideas? Suggestions? Recommendations? I was thinking One Tree Hill or Gilmore Girls. Yah? No? Help a TV-lover out!

6. Tim Riggins under my Christmas tree.

7. Invitation to the magical (and fictional) wedding of Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope. Leslie has found her lobster. She deserves a fairytale like happily ever after. And I want to go to the wedding! Can you imagine Leslie Knope's wedding? I can. Ben plus Leslie 4 Eva.

8. Life Unexpected back on my TV. I know, with all cast and crew of the heartwarming drama already onto other amazing projects, this is a stretch. But a girl can ask. I suppose what I can do is pay it forward. Christmas is all about spreading cheer and good will.... so this is my Christmas gift to you -- assuming you have never watched. Watch. Go to Netflix now and watch. You will not be let down, you will be lifted up. You will love it... and then you will add this same wish to your next Christmas list. I promise.

That's a mighty amazing list... but I've been good. Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Mele Kalikimaka.

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