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DIY Renegade Heads To The Arata Pumpkin Farm and Hay Bale Labyrinth! (PHOTOS)

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Just south of the legendary surf spot, Maverics, in Half Moon Bay California, where the world famous big wave surf competition is held each year, is the little known Arata Pumpkin Farm and Hay Labyrinth. My sister and I discovered this crazy place by accident about 5 years ago while we were on a pilgrimage to Maverics.


The Arata Pumpkin Farm has a ton fun attractions.

There is a giant pumpkin field.


There are pony rides.

Here is a poney taking a break.

This is a cute little goat in the petting zoo.

This is a view from a look out tower over the farm.

The 2 acre hay labyrinth is the most exciting attraction though. This is a view of the entrance with its watchful gargoyles.

This is a view of the maze from the watch tower. The Maze walls are 7 to 8 feet high in most places. The maze takes about an hour to navigate, it is 100% kid friendly and there are several emergency exits if you become too disoriented.

The Maze is only open seasonally and closes shortly after Halloween because it starts to get rainy on the coast during the winter. It opens up again in the spring.

This place is one of my favorite spots on earth and one of the only places where I would recommend wearing sensible shoes.

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