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Jennifer Cullen
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Jennifer Cullen blogs about her modern family life as a mother, writer, former divorcee and wife at Life’s Dewlaps. She writes with humor, love and frequently, a little TMI.

Entries by Jennifer Cullen

Of Mothers and Sons (and Daughters and Stepdaughters)

(0) Comments | Posted May 13, 2014 | 1:09 PM

I write a lot about my daughter in these pages. Partly because our relationship is teenage girl-mother complicated. And like our hormones, her adolescent ones and my peri-menopausal ones, the relationship is strong but volatile.


Last year, for Mother's Day, I...

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Gradually Growing Up

(0) Comments | Posted February 3, 2014 | 10:39 AM

Kids growing up: It's a gradual process.

First, they start going down to the playground at the end of the street. By themselves.

And walking the mile home from school. Alone.

Then, yes, we leave them in the house by themselves while we run to the grocery store, thinking, I...

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A Thank You to Kid Cudi, My New Friend

(1) Comments | Posted November 14, 2013 | 5:05 PM


I knew this week was going to be a crazy one.

I'm working on a new project or two. The first quarter of school is coming to a close for my kids.

And I was driving down to Miami with my...

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I'm Not Fat But My Clothes Are Tight

(1) Comments | Posted July 22, 2013 | 12:35 PM

I'm fat.

OK, so I'm not fat, but I'm heavier now, by almost 10 pounds, than I was a year ago. And I liked my weight a year ago. Really liked it.

But now my clothes are tight.

And I know what has happened.

I can't blame the gain on...

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Talking to My Teen Daughter Without Words

(4) Comments | Posted June 3, 2013 | 7:28 PM

I went to my daughter's eighth grade awards ceremony this morning. I was really proud that she was getting an award for maintaining a 3.5 GPA for the last three years.

I almost didn't go because she usually doesn't want me to go to these kinds of things, but she...

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Walking The Parenting Tightrope

(3) Comments | Posted April 5, 2013 | 5:12 PM

I'm the parent of a teenage girl.

And I'm walking the parenting tightrope, doing the biggest balancing act of my life.

(I don't think that I could have done anything to prepare for this. Even being the parent of a 16-year-old boy hasn't helped.)

If I lean a little too...

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The Divorce Decision

(66) Comments | Posted February 12, 2013 | 12:50 PM

My 18th wedding anniversary is in a few months. Well, it would be my 18th if I hadn't gotten divorced.

Instead, 11 years ago, around this time, I was in the painful realm of trying to figure out if I wanted to stay married to my husband, the father of...

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Ovarian Cancer Sucks. That's All.

(1) Comments | Posted October 22, 2012 | 9:52 AM

I'm afraid of ovarian cancer.

The non-specific symptoms. The sometimes too-lengthy diagnosis time.

The fact that it's called the silent killer.

I've known people who have battled it with all of their being and not succeeded. Good women. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who died too young.

Debra Kogan Lyda...

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Wishing My Kids Were Little (Temporarily)

(0) Comments | Posted October 12, 2012 | 8:20 PM

We got to the field for my daughter's flag football practice a little early the other night and she wasn't ready to get out of the car. So I parked and we sat there together and listened to One Direction on my iPhone.

A few minutes before the practice was...

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Parenting an Almost-Teenager

(3) Comments | Posted January 24, 2012 | 10:50 AM

Being a parent is hard.

Being a parent of a 12-1/2-year-old girl is even harder.

My relationship with my daughter these days has a lot of ups and downs in it, more so than with anyone else in my life: her almost-15-year-old brother, my husband, my mother. Even my ex-husband.

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The Most Lamentable Part of Divorce

(41) Comments | Posted October 14, 2011 | 12:15 PM

There's a lot to lament about divorce and that lamenting lasts long after the papers are signed. First, there's dealing with the immediate failure of your marriage. The feelings of hurt, loss, anger and confusion. The financial details and the logistics of living arrangements.

And if you have young...

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6 Tips for Helping Your High Schooler Succeed

(0) Comments | Posted September 27, 2011 | 12:53 PM

My son started high school last month. Which is weird for me because it seems like just yesterday, he was going to kindergarten. The transition to high school, with it's early morning wake-ups and increased amounts of homework, has been pretty smooth. And I think that he, and I, have...

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A Decade I'll Never Forget

(1) Comments | Posted September 12, 2011 | 1:38 PM

I don't get bent out of shape too often. At the age of 45, having been married, divorced, and re-married, with two teenagers and a pre-teen, not much phases me. Clog the low-flow toilet again, kid? Get the plunger and fix it. Don't like what's being made for dinner? Make...

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Can I Go to High School With My Kid?

(11) Comments | Posted September 8, 2011 | 10:33 AM

My son started high school this week. And he's acting like he hasn't got a care in the world, cool as the six jars of homemade jalapeno sauce curing in our refrigerator for 21 days.

Too bad I can't say the same about myself. The past couple of days, I've...

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Divorce, Remarriage and My Old Plaid Couch

(1) Comments | Posted February 9, 2011 | 12:01 AM

I thought about my old plaid couch the other day.
The one I bought from Rooms to Go, with matching love seat, coffee table and two matching end tables.
All for under $1,000.
Signifying a new phase in life.
Moving in to a new house with...

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Happy, Messy New Year

(0) Comments | Posted December 31, 2010 | 2:10 PM

Have you ever had a moment so pure that you never wanted it to end? I had one the other day. And it's stuck in my head, like that catchy pop tune I keep hearing on the radio that I hated but now I secretly love.

I was running...

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A Modern Family Thanksgiving

(0) Comments | Posted November 25, 2010 | 10:02 AM

It's early Thanksgiving morning.

I can't sleep. Not for any different reason than the usual. Thoughts running rampant in my head, a little excitement. Just how my brain operates.

I'm at my parents' house, sleeping on a pull-out sofa in the den. My son is on the floor next...

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Post Divorce Happiness? It Does Exist

(19) Comments | Posted November 23, 2010 | 4:52 PM

If you ask me about my divorce 8 years ago, I'll spare you the details of the sleepless nights, the almost daily crying jags, the worrying about how my kids would be affected and the (welcomed) weight loss.

Chances are I'll tell you about how happy I was once I...

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Splitting Up The Holidays? It's All About The Kids

(4) Comments | Posted November 16, 2010 | 9:41 AM

Working out child custody and visitation with your ex-spouse during the holiday season can be one of the hardest parts of the aftermath of a divorce. Not for the faint of heart.

Splitting up your time during the season is hard enough when you're newlyweds. Who gets the couple for...

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The Stigma of Divorce

(2) Comments | Posted November 8, 2010 | 9:30 AM

If so many marriages end in divorce, then why is there still such a stigma associated with breaking the "'til death do we part" vow? Because the last thing you need when you're going through your divorce, and experiencing all of the accompanying emotional anguish, guilt and turmoil, is for...
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