Is this 1988 or 2008?

12/19/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Prince and Michael Jackson are top of the fold on blog pages like Huff Post, and Is this 1988 or 2008? The Obama team has now dominated 5 days -- that is 120 hour-long internet news cycles -- with one story. Will the Clinton's be secy-of-state(s)?

Breaking news flash: Sarah Palin is sunbathing. No wait, it must be an old slideshow -- she is landing on ice in Alaska. Wait no, its a book deal. Or is it?

The world does not know what to do with its primed intellect, having just covered the election of a lifetime. What now? No sooner have we started to wrap our minds around what the 44th President's government will look like than we are left without news shaping our curiosity. What happens when you remove Obama from the news? Is the country still interested or do they go back to their old viewing habits, pre-Obama.

This is the test of news organizations on the internet and cable today. Can they remain relevant and in fact compelling in the absense of this story? It shows that Obama is more than a political story, he is the news. That is why the transition team is putting out the rules: you leak, you go.

One reality is that Obama will have to enforce this to be successful. When you are this hot, you have to know how to control the temperature. If you can't, you could become a victim of your own success.

The key now for the media is to find a way to report about things other than Obama and Sarah Palin when the news is not there, and keep those two fresh for real political news days. Or, to put new voices on that reflect different opinions than the ones we have heard so many days before.