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Rush, Buchanan, Tancredo and Their Pitchforks: The Backlash Against Obama has Begun

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I see that the old Pat Buchanan is back. The one that was a pro-white, protectionist, anti-progress candidate who came in close behind Dole in Iowa and won New Hampshire's Primary in 1996. Remember him? The guy who used hate-talk and race-baiting to gin up a populist movement?

You can dress him up but you can't take him anywhere.

On MSNBC, he just said what he really thinks. 'You know, that La Raza, the Puerto Ricans...we've been trying to help the black people down south and that's fine but now we're discriminating against the white male' (not verbatim). and that's what he says the Sotomayor hearings are all about.

Gee, last time I checked, white males were doing okat. Obviously, I have underestimated the threat that has finally sunk in. This is the message the unelected wing of the Republican party is sending out, in completely unveiled terms: IT'S US AGAINST THEM.

Mind you, I consider myself a neutral analyst and academic -- I am not trying to call Republicans or Democrats bad. I genuinely believe we are best off with two strong parties.

But I think they should be two strong parties that reflect the Constitution. This bogus argument being made by Buchanan & Company as they say ANYTHING to beg for relevance and airtime is that Sonia Sotomayor will undermine the Constitution.

Pat, take a look in the mirror. Your agenda is showing. The Constitution protects people not from her, but from you.