A Valentine In Dance

02/14/2012 10:38 am ET | Updated Apr 15, 2012

My very first love was, is, and always will be dance. With that in mind, I decided to pay homage to both the art form and a few of the types of relationships I've experienced over the years.

Dance, to me is the embodiment of emotion -- it is an effective art and can translate the most subtle of sentiments. Love is nuanced. As a word, love is thrown hither and thither with abandon, but do we ever really know what is meant? The only thing that's certain, it seems, is that like dance, love is different every time.

New love... the kind that creeps up on you.

SARA du Jour, "Sara: she loves you KNOT"

Blissful budding romance... when feet barely brush the floor.

"Three little Words" (1950). In this scene: Fred Astaire, Red Skelton & Vera-Ellen

Long-term partnership... the safety of being caught.

David Parker, The Bang Group, "Bang"

Happy Valentines Day!