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Fired up! Climate Change Gridlock Needs to Be Replaced With Action

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What are we going to do about climate change? Across the political spectrum, people want clean energy jobs. Across the political spectrum Democrats, Independents and Republicans now see that the climate is changing. Across the political spectrum, people don't want young soldiers dying in hostile nations to protect our own oil gluttony.

For Earth Day, we explored the one thing people can do to have the most impact on the climate, and it's not changing your lightbulbs -- it's taking action by electing lawmakers prepared to act. As Al Gore reminds us, "It is at times like these that people must come together, mobilize, and demand the change we need." And we must start by demanding it from our government.

The climate is changing. But excuses for inaction have not. Instead of complaining, start campaigning. Get up! Get out! Get moving! Put people in office who will allow your children to have a future on this planet.

Cross-posted at "The War Room" blog. Follow Jennifer Granholm on Facebook and Twitter and "The War Room" on Facebook and Twitter.

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