Helping Injured Iraqi Children: One Man's Quest to Right the Wrongs of War (VIDEO)

Warning: Viewer Discretion is advised

Nine year-old Salee was playing hopscotch with friends when US jets fired three missiles on her town of Hasswa, killing her brother and best friend. Her sister Rusul lost her right foot, and both of Salee's legs were sliced off below the knee.

Six year-old Omar was traveling with his family to celebrate the holiday of Eid with his grandparents. For reasons unknown, US forces fired upon his passenger vehicle. He suffered burns on over half of his body, and watched his mother burn alive.

These are three children of many who've become victims of a war where ongoing instability has left the population without proper medical infrastructure. Though irreversibly harmed, they've been given a chance to live with dignity, thanks to Cole Miller, founder of the small non-profit organization No More Victims.

Miller brings Iraqi children who've been injured as a direct result of US Forces to the United States for medical treatment they're unable to receive in Iraq. View the stories of Omar, Salee, and Rusul, and meet the American communities that have taken them in.

Warning: Viewer Discretion is advised

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Jennifer Jo Utz
Music by Jarryd Lowder
Additional Footage by Cole Miller

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