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Popular Beauty Myths Debunked -- You'll be Surprised

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Jenny Isenman
Jenny Isenman

Do you get zits from unwashed pillowcases or cellphones?

Will you age the way your parents age?

Do retinoids make you more susceptible to sun damage or sunburn?

What's the magic ingredient you should look for in beauty products?

This week, I sat down and talked beauty with my favorite dermatologist, author of Forget the Facelift, Dr. Doris Day. You know, the one I told you I would stalk? She's made numerous appearances on "Good Morning America," "The Dr. OZ Show," "The View" and "20/20," to name a few. Now she's on The Jenny Isenman Show (a natural progression) debunking myths, answering a barrage of questions and telling women the bare minimum they need to do to keep their skin healthy!

Be warned: Some of her answers will make you really happy and some may totally piss you off.


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