11/05/2012 05:10 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Do You Feel Dumber After Having Children? (VIDEO)

Can someone explain why I still have "baby brain" when my kids aren't babies anymore?

Well ladies, many of us are years past changing diapers and yet, we still seem to have Momnesia. Frankly, my memory -- and ability to have a complete thought -- has gotten exponentially worse with the birth of each child and the passage of each year.

Look, I can tell you the names of all the characters from The Facts of Life or The Breakfast Club, but I have no idea where I left my keys, what pending appointments I have or why I just walked into this room!

On this week's episode of The Jenny Isenman Show, my guest Sharon Rowley (organizational expert/blogger and mom of 6 -- freakin' 6!) and I test our memories, discuss the stupidest shit we've done due to Momnesia and talk tips to get through the day.

WATCH: Boost Your Memory Muscles

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