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Google's Latest Hiring Perk

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A few months ago I wrote a post about a news article saying Google was looking to hire. They are using psychological profiles to find employees with a good fit for the company. In my fantasy world, I considered how much fun it would be to relocate to San Francisco and never have to write another brief. Then I checked the job offers at Google, and concluded there was not a single one I was even remotely qualified for.

Now the New York Times reports on Google's latest perk: Shuttles to work. Turns out, this is becoming Google's biggest draw as an employer. Forget the Grateful Dead chef, the real perk is the free ride to work.

So who is qualified for these jobs? I love what I do but there are some days I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have a job that had set start and stop times - where when you leave for the day, you're done until the next one. Law is never like that. You get home and still work. You go to sleep worrying about if someone is going to get off or get five years or twenty years. It never stops.

Alas, there is still nothing I can find in Google's job database that I am qualified for. What a shame. I'd so be there in a minute. At least I would on a day like today when I spent 8 hours writing and submitting a brief the outcome of which will either get my client five or twenty years. It's midnight on a Friday night and I'm still worrying.

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