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Jeremy Scahill

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How Does the Global War on Terror Ever End?

(136) Comments | Posted October 29, 2013 | 10:11 AM

Perpetual War

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[This epilogue to Scahill’s bestselling book, Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield, is posted with the kind permission of its publisher, Nation Books.]

On January 21, 2013, Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term as president of...

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To the Dems Who Voted to 'Defund ACORN': Where is the Defund Blackwater Act?

(175) Comments | Posted September 24, 2009 | 7:25 PM

Democrats joined Republicans in voting to "Defund ACORN," yet have done nothing to stop Blackwater's ongoing taxpayer-funded crusade in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Republican Congressional leaders are continuing their witch-hunt against ACORN, the grassroots community group dedicated to helping poor and working class people. This campaign now unfortunately has gained bipartisan...

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The Democrats' Selective Amnesia on Assassination: Clinton Did It and Obama Does It Too

(315) Comments | Posted July 15, 2009 | 1:58 PM

While the focus is on Dick Cheney's role, the U.S. has long had a bi-partisan assassination program.

Members of Congress have expressed outrage over the "secret" CIA assassination program that former vice president Dick Cheney allegedly ordered concealed from Congress. But this program -- and the media descriptions...

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Iraq's "National Sovereignty Day" is U.S.-Style Hallmark Hype

(42) Comments | Posted June 30, 2009 | 11:58 AM

The puppet government in Iraq has named June 30 as "National Sovereignty Day," and--without mentioning the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis maimed, killed, tortured or made refugees by the U.S. invasion and occupation--thanked the occupiers for placing them in power. "President" Jalal Talabani termed today "a glorious day," saying,

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Blackwater Still Working in Iraq, Providing "Armed" Guards to International Republican Institute

(4) Comments | Posted June 10, 2009 | 1:32 PM

As Blackwater gets sued again today for an alleged civilian killing in Iraq, new allegations surface about the company's continued presence there--using different corporate names.

It seems as though every week there is a new lawsuit filed against Blackwater for the killing of civilians in Iraq. While the Justice Department...

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After US Strikes, Afghans Describe "Tractor Trailers Full of Pieces of Human Bodies"

(23) Comments | Posted May 7, 2009 | 10:53 AM

As rage spreads in Afghanistan after US bombing that killed up to 130 people, unnamed Pentagon officials are spinning another cover-up. Defiant Obama moves ahead with troop increase.

As President Barack Obama prepares to send some 21,000 more US troops into Afghanistan, anger is rising in the western province...

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Al Jazeera Strikes Back at Pentagon, Releases Unedited Footage of US Soldiers' 'Bible Study' in Afghanistan (Video)

(33) Comments | Posted May 5, 2009 | 2:43 PM

A day after the Pentagon accused Al Jazeera of being 'irresponsible and inappropriate' for broadcasting the 'hunt for Jesus' in Afghanistan footage, the network releases unedited tapes.

Hours after Al Jazeera first broadcast a video showing US soldiers in Afghanistan being instructed by the military's top chaplain in...

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US Soldiers in Afghanistan Told to "Hunt People for Jesus... So We Get Them into the Kingdom" (Video)

(205) Comments | Posted May 4, 2009 | 10:37 AM

Military officials at Bagram are caught on tape urging US soldiers to evangelize in the Muslim country.

New video evidence has surfaced showing that US military forces in Afghanistan have been instructed by the military's top chaplain in the country to "hunt people for Jesus" as they spread Christianity to...

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New UN Report Shows the US Combo of Torture and Impunity Thrives in Iraqi Prisons

(30) Comments | Posted April 30, 2009 | 2:35 PM

Iraqi authorities widely use torture to interrogate prisoners and extract confessions without fear of consequence. Sadly, the US doesn't have the credibility to confront these crimes.

Part of the deadly serious problem with the Obama administration's position on (not) holding accountable CIA torturers, their lawyers and the Bush administration officials...

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What if Instead of the Nuremberg Trials There Was Only a Truth Commission?

(45) Comments | Posted April 28, 2009 | 12:10 PM

As some liberals make the case against a Special Prosecutor, the lawyers who fought for the release of the torture memos push back and explain why prosecutions are the only response.

Representatives John Conyers and Jerrold Nadler are officially asking Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent Special Prosecutor...

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Jay Bybee's Rules at Home: "Be Nice. Don't Hit." Bybee's Rules for the CIA: Torture Prisoners

(38) Comments | Posted April 23, 2009 | 11:54 AM

Bybee seems to be against corporal punishment, but has no problem with slamming prisoners against walls, locking people in boxes and simulating drowning.

Jay Bybee authored one of the most chilling of the four Bush-era torture memos declassified last week by the Obama administration....

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Impeach Bybee: The Growing Movement to Unseat Bush Torture Lawyer Turned Federal Judge

(59) Comments | Posted April 20, 2009 | 10:54 AM

While the leadership of the Democratic Party remains silent on Obama's refusal to hold torturers accountable, activists are demanding a special prosecutor and calling on Congress to impeach Jay Bybee.

In the Sunday New York Times, the paper's editors call for the impeachment of Judge Jay Bybee, author of one...

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Will Obama Block Release of Key Bush-era Torture Memos?

(49) Comments | Posted April 15, 2009 | 12:21 PM

The "Bradbury" memos outline CIA 'enhanced interrogation' techniques and provided legal cover for US torture. Obama needs to stop protecting the Bush administration and release the memos--uncensored and unredacted.

As has been pointed out by several diligent journalists, human rights lawyers and critics, President Obama has continued--and continues to defend--some...

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Will Obama Prosecute the Captured Somali 'Pirate' in a US Court?

(177) Comments | Posted April 13, 2009 | 9:36 AM

Habeas rights have been trashed, prisoners have been tortured and held without trial for years at Gitmo and Bagram. Obama should finally show respect for the legal rights of prisoners held by the US.

The airwaves, newspapers and websites have been saturated with coverage of the rescue of Captain...

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Gen. Petraeus Implements Military Surge Against Four Somali Pirates in a Lifeboat

(253) Comments | Posted April 10, 2009 | 10:32 AM

In today's episode of "Pirates," the most powerful Navy in the world remains in a stand-off with four pirates in a small boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. So devastatingly threatening to US national security are these pirates that the Grand Puba of militarism, Gen. David Petraeus is...

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Rahm Emanuel's Think Tankers Enforce 'Message Discipline' Among 'Liberals'

(83) Comments | Posted April 9, 2009 | 12:38 PM

The White House is 'helping' liberal groups to get their political messages in sync with the official line.

Over the past several weeks, independent journalists and anti-war activists have tried to shine a spotlight on how groups like the Center for American Progress and MoveOn, which portrayed themselves...

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Putting Today's 'Pirate' Attack in Context

(116) Comments | Posted April 8, 2009 | 12:51 PM

A US ship, owned by a Pentagon contractor with 'Top Security' clearance, was seized off the Somali coast. Reports say the US crew has retaken the ship. But the question remains: Why are the pirates attacking?

The Somali pirates who took control of the 17,000-ton "Maersk Alabama" cargo-ship in...

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Obama Went to Iraq and Visited... the Airport. Was it the Sandstorms or the Rising Shitstorm?

(75) Comments | Posted April 7, 2009 | 2:17 PM

Maybe it's because of the sandstorms in Baghdad like they say, or maybe it is the rising shitstorm there, but here is the fact: President Obama went to Iraq and stayed at the airport, which is located on the same grounds as Camp Victory. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said...

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While Obama Escalates War in Afghanistan, Iraq Could Blow Up in His Face

(20) Comments | Posted March 31, 2009 | 12:03 PM

Over the past couple of weeks, the Obama administration has clearly attempted to shift the US foreign policy focus from Iraq to Afghanistan, seemingly intent on leaving the public with the impression that Iraq is under control and US withdrawal has been set in full motion; that the end of...

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New Report Reveals Why We'll Be Paying for the Iraq Occupation for Years to Come, Withdrawal or Not

(25) Comments | Posted March 30, 2009 | 10:00 AM

See my full report at AlterNet.

With last week's announced escalation of the war in Afghanistan, including an Iraq-like "surge" replete with 4,000 more U.S. troops and a sizable increase in private contractors, President Barack Obama blew the lid off of any lingering perceptions that he somehow represents a...

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