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The 50 Best Quotes From 2014 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

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With another festival almost over, Cannes Lions continues to capture the intersection of entertainment, business, culture and advertising. The festival has hosted an amazing range of speakers -- here are some of the standout quotes from this year.

"More than ever before, culture is defined by mass society. Our job as marketers is to nurture it." -@gannon_jones - Head of Brand Marketing at MillerCoors.

"The last person I ever want working for me is someone who says 'that's not in my job description." - @neiltyson - Astrophysicist

"Building great brands is a mix of magic and logic, a blend of art and science." - @keithweed - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

"Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties." - Gail Sheehy - Author

"Rule of storytelling: When a character is shoved against a wall, shove them against a wall harder." - Aaron Sorkin - Writer

"The heart knows today what the mind will learn tomorrow." - @ThamKhaiMeng - Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather

"Be Willing To Get Fired For A Good Idea." - Spike Jonze - Director

"You have to be able to swim in backlash." - @kanyewest

"Silence is not an option in a socially networked world." - Wendy Clark @wnd - Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

"With a lot of firsts comes a lot of pressure." - David Wise - Olympic Gold Medalist

"There's never been such a premium on creativity. It must cut be used to cut through the clutter." - @keithweed - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

"To achieve longevity you will have cycles. No one gets there in one straight shot." - @RobLowe - Actor

"The key is not in using technology for efficiency, but to create emotion to move people." - Yasu Sasaki - Executive Creative Director at Dentsu

"Think like a marketer. Behave like an entertainer. Move like a tech startup." - PJ Pereira - Chief Creative Officer at Pereira & O'Dell

"If we start expecting women to lead, we won't be surprised when they do." - @sherylsandberg - COO Facebook

"Sport brings together the best values we have as human beings." - Marcello Serpa - Creative

"People who are winning will love you. People who are losing will hate you. Both are opportunities." - Ash Bendelow - Managing Director of Brave

"In fashion you have an inbuilt connection with a brand so content is not disruptive/invasive." - @pulsefilms

"Whether you work in social, mobile or data you need to step back & think about how to simplify" - @keithweed - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

"No one is dumb who is curious." -@neiltyson - Astrophysicist

"I hire people not roles. Limiting creativity to 'creatives' limits everyone. Set ideas free." - Michael Lebowitz - Big Spaceship

"Tell me the truth! Make my life more interesting or leave me the f**k alone." - JaredLeto

"Move from 'marketing to people', to 'marketing with people'." - @keithweed - Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

"If all you have is your work, your work eventually suffers. You need to have work/life balance." @RobLowe - Actor

"We are all born creative. We just got it educated out of us." -@ThamKhaiMeng - Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather

"If you don't make mistakes you're no longer on the frontier. The mistakes you make should be mistakes no one has ever made before." - @neiltyson - Astrophysicist

"Brands have positing and very often not a point of view." - David Alberts - MOFILM

"Don't tell a little girl she's bossy. Tell her she has executive leadership skills." - Sheryl Sandberg - COO Facebook

"We know that dreams fuel innovation." - Bertrand Piccard - Co Pilot at Solar Impulse

"Brands are selling our self-esteem back to us, through association. We need to own our brands." - Kanye West

"When advertising is great, it's transcendent. It's art." -@JaredLeto

"I veer away from trying to understand why I act. I just know I need to do it." - Ralph Fiennes - Actor

"Would I want to receive a one to one message from a brand, product or service that I like? Absolutely!" - @sherylsandberg - COO Facebook

"When you're feeling overwhelmed in business, one smart idea can beat the biggest Super Bowl ad." - Courtney Love

"Write what makes you laugh not what you think will make someone else laugh." - @Aiannucci - Writer/Director

"The intersection between linear storytelling and social engagement is the next big thing." - Jeffrey Katzenberg - CEO of DreamWorks Animation

"Speed trumps perfection." - Wendy Clark @wnd - Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

"The bridge between reality and a dream is work." - @JaredLeto

"Social is the gateway for what to watch and when." - @MakerStudios

"We are the creatives with teeth. We know ideas are more important than our personal wellbeing." -@kanyewest

"The new role of agencies is designers of narrative spaces for brands." - @Sid_Aarki - CEO of Aarki

"I like to judge on the jealousy factor." - Promo Lions Juror

"We produce 15 percent of the content. Consumers produce 85 percent." - Wendy Clark @wnd - Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

"An important part of a work relationship is shared values: What is authentically you and what is authentically us?" - @SteveStoute - Translation

"We need to push the envelope by creating more immersive non-linear stories." - @gastonleg - Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at SapientNitro

"There would have been no Beats deal without [Jay Z's] Samsung deal." - Kanye West

"Stop making ads! Start making content!" - @erin_mcpherson - Chief Content Officer at Maker Studios

"We have to do work that matters. It's not more, it's more GOOD." - Wendy Clark @wnd - Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

"Creativity is not a verb but a noun. Let's stop activities and processes and focus on actually making creative things." - RP Kumar - EVP International Strategic Planning at Ketchum

"Do really, really well in the important things. Not in all." - Ash Bendelow

"I built a career on volunteering for the hard stuff." - Maryam Banikarim - CMO at Gannet