03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One World, One Climate, One Day, One Number: 350

This Saturday at 4000+ events in over 172 countries around the world people will gather to send a message demanding that our leaders address climate change. Led by Bill McKibben and the team at, the call to action comes as the world's leaders prepare to meet in Copenhagen for COP15 in December to attempt a consensus agreement as a follow up to the Kytoto Protocols and address anthropogenic climate change.
Auckland, New Zealand

This week the EU once again made a dramatic proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 90% by 2050, 30% by 2020. This in a clear attempt to move the stalled negotiations forward as times runs out. The US has failed to offer any path forward and the Obama administration has been sending signals that an agreement may not be forthcoming in Copenhagen.

Now is the time for citizens to speak out and demand that leaders from every country agree on a fair and just global climate agreement. The science is conclusive and the threat to not only human health and welfare, but that of all life on Earth is real and increasing. Failure to act now may result in over 1000 years of climate chaos.

The number 350 is the most important number in history. It represents what scientists have determined to be the "safe" level of CO2 concentrations in parts per million (PPM) to maintain a stable climate system. Presently, CO2 concentrations are 390PPM and rising.
The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Everyone can speak out and make a difference this Saturday October 24th and be part of the largest unified call for solutions to the climate crisis in history. Go to and locate an event near you or sign up and organize one yourself. Every action has meaning no matter how large or small. Add your pictures and voices to the millions of others from the Arctic to Tuvalu. Create the momentum and political space for the world's leaders to take bold aggressive action in December. The time is now and it is yours. 2009-10-22-3347453775_370313080c_m.jpg

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