02/04/2014 05:36 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2014

For Love of the Game?

Are you ready for some... online dating? While the final word of this phrase may normally be football, there may be a larger connection between the outcome of a football game and online dating activity than one might normally imagine. According to data from the online dating app Zoosk, online dating activity may vary by cities depending on whether the home team won the day before. For online daters in Seattle and Denver, the Super Bowl might certainly have an impact on your online dating prospects for the next few days or so.

Victory is mine on the field
While your team may have won the day before, you may be losing the day after in the dating game. For many individuals with winning teams, social interactions may be less oriented toward romantic events but rather focus on the upcoming game or basking in the glory of their victory with friends. For example, online dating activity in Seattle and Denver declined significantly the day the home football teams made it to the playoffs. Online daters in Denver sent 15 percent fewer messages and Seattle daters sent 51 percent fewer messages. Given the low levels of communication after just winning the playoffs, online daters in Seattle may expect fewer messages in their inbox over the next few days. Apparently, the phrase love of the game may be more powerful than we previously thought.

A Love Lost?
Post-Super Bowl online dating prospects, however, may be better for those in the Mile High City. According to data from the playoff games, people want a shoulder to cry on and not just any shoulder, but the shoulder of a significant other. After the playoff games, online daters in San Francisco and Boston were very active. For example, San Francisco and Boston online daters sent significantly more messages, forty and seventy-nine percent respectively, in the Monday after their loss than the prior Monday when their teams won. In theory, romantic attachments could soften the blow with your other love lost.

Finally, for those of you who have sent messages yesterday and have not heard back, do not despair. Individuals are far less likely to be active online during the big game. Let's see what college basketball season has in store for online daters.

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