02/14/2014 12:04 pm ET | Updated Apr 16, 2014

Mover's Remorse: Cohabitation on Valentine's Day

We often think about what to give our significant other on Valentine's Day, but we do not necessarily think about the nature of our relationships. For cohabitors, considering the nature of one's relationship may be particularly critical. Apartment List recently found three surprising stats about cohabitors after polling 1,200 users.

1. Time is not on Your Side
Fifty-four percent of couples who are in relationships for more than four years prior to cohabitation are more likely to be unhappy with their present living arrangement. Cohabitors may be upset with their living arrangements because cohabitation represents a testing ground for marriage. Among those individuals who have determined they want in our or out of the relationship, the cohabitation may represent a stumbling block. As Beyoncé said, "If you liked it, you should have put a ring on it."

2. Fast Movers
Approximately 34 percent of couples dated only six months before moving in together. Presumably, couples who move in quite fast are doing so for financial reasons or to accelerate the relationship. Stepping on the gas pedal may not always be a good idea and mover's remorse may ensue.

3. Separation Anxiety
According to the Apartment List survey, 30 percent of couples claim to be "joined at the hip" and allocate all of their free time to their relationship. Couples who have interests and connections outside of their relationship tend to be happier. So remember to maintain other social ties!

Cupid's arrow will hopefully strike many cohabitors on Valentine's Day this year!