How I Spent My Summer G20 Summit (VIDEO)

How I Spent My Summer G20 Summit - by Jesse Elliott of These United States from These United States on Vimeo.

Our work, playing in a rock and roll band, takes us a lot of interesting places -- and, lately, always seems to overlap in completely unexpected ways with the path of our fellow countryman, Barack Obama. In the last few months, we've played Asheville, NC the night he and his family arrived for a quick vacation; Mobile, AL a few days after the Deepwater Horizon exploded and Obama went in to survey the damage to the Gulf Coast; and Washington, DC as he greeted the presidential delegation from Mexico with a whole slew of official dinners and District-wide helicopter fly-over tours.

But our most recent run-in -- with our ole pal POTUS, his peers from around the world, and a whole bunch of people who opposed the grand designs of these men and women -- proved to be the most interesting night of 2010 summer tour so far. In a sense, it became a night off for everyone. Or maybe it was a night on. People burned cop cars, riot police were called in, people burned more cop cars, they had to cancel our show with Thao and Mirah, some Canadians were sad, some were happy, all of us were trapped, and the Horseshoe Tavern became the epicenter of action, escape, and inebriation for protesters, local pool sharks, and sundry ne'er-do-wells alike.

I put this video together pretty hastily, using a very bad consumer grade hand-held camera and an even worse free editing program (both of which shall remain nameless). Hopefully, though, you can forgive the poor quality and just take it for what it is: a strange little funny sad perfect slice of life, nothing too political, just one night in the city of Toronto, during the G20 summit, a meeting of global leaders intended to -- well, you know about all that part already...