06/29/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Twenty Suggestions For Mother's Day Gifts You Won't Find In Store Windows or 'Recommended' Lists

I've resisted Mother's Day for decades. And I've been right to --- the idea of ancestor worship was muscled aside long ago by Big Business. Now the day is about flowers, chocolate and greeting cards.

These past few years, I've been softening. My mother is now 93, with all her marbles intact. She spends her time on the computer well --- she's been places on the Web I've never thought to go. She's pretty much memorized the Wall Street Journal before I wake up. Find something cool for her --- why not?

My mother's life experience suggests that moms aren't what they used to be. Which makes gifting more difficult on Mother's Day --- or any. So I looked through the archives for presents that aren't featured in store windows or online promotions. I could have chosen more; I stopped at 20. Hope these work for you.....

Twenty Suggestions For Mother's Day Gifts

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