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Want to Save 12 Cents a Gallon -- Every Time You Fill Up?

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The AAA endorses me.

So does the U.S. government.

Even NASCAR rolls with me.

And on this, McCain and Obama (sorta) agree.

Why? Because I save you money the minute you start using me. And I go on saving you money every time you remember to use me. I'm digital, easier to read than Paris Hilton, and I come in a bright color on a keychain. You should have me -- and yet I bet you don't.

I'm just $6.94 at With a flashlight included, I'll set you back $7.29.

For those who care about the planet, I'm one of the two best things you can do to use less gas. (The other: regular maintenance.)

And here green is also the color of money. I reduce your gas use by 3% --- that's a savings of 3 cents per dollar. If gas is $4, you save 12 cents a gallon. A handful of fill-ups, and I've paid for myself.

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