11/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In or Out of the Debates, the Need to Know: or, as Senator McCain says, "How About That Sarah?"

Palin postulates the proposition: Who does she really think she is? Does she think she was chosen by God to inherit the wind? Chosen to become President by McCain's death in office or, in defeat, his heir for 2012? Governor Palin accepted the nomination for the vice presidency without a blink, as she says. (In between winks, she surely blinked a great deal in her debate.)

There was not a hint of reticence or diffidence in her response. For the sake of modesty, that is a ritual response from a budding politician. Usually, the chosen one demurs becomingly, hints at his unworthiness or his lack of eloquence and sophistication (wink, wink). Then blushingly and gratefully, he accepts.

Most of us feel that we are part of humanity, uniquely ourselves, yes, but also part of a larger global picture. Occasionally, we come across people we know or those infamous in history, who are seduced or deluded into thinking: "I'm better than anybody. God told me so. God wants me to: sell people as slaves; steal this election; kill all the Jews; start a war; lock up all those who disagree with me; embrace ruthlessness to achieve my, and God's, goals. Further, God wants me to..." Well, you fill in your own blanks. The governor of Alaska wants us all to know with whom Obama "pals around." By any standard of fairness, we should know a bit more about the governor. Who were her friends? What did they believe?

On television, we watched Sarah Palin exorcised of witches by two men in her church. Does she believe in witches or witchcraft? We should know. Does she believe in teaching that the universe or the earth really started 6 million years ago? Where does science fit into her plans for education and the competitiveness of our country? We need to know. Does she really believe that carbon emissions do not play a part in global warming? If she is to be in charge of energy policy, as she says, we need to know.

Her syntax has been the point of much fun and derision. Doggone it. Who really understands what she says? Obfuscation is a time-honored tactic, heavily used on exam questions, tax returns, and in all manner of other excuses. Voters, however, really need to know what she knows and does not know. Answering journalists' questions with your own diatribe is nothing new, but Ms. Palin seemingly cannot give a straight response. Does she really not understand what she is being asked? We need to know.

As governor, Palin has collected state money for staying at home and away from Alaska's capitol of Juneau. She uses an office in Anchorage instead. Does she really believe that this is the behavior of a reformer? It is straight forward graft.

Is she a terrorist? While on the stump, she did not put down a shout from a supporter in the audience to "kill him," that directly targeted Obama. She should have had the fellow removed. Is that incitement or conspiratorial? We need to know.

So, here we are, left out in left field with our hockey sticks, not knowing which way to turn or how to evaluate this curious selection for vice president. Cindy McCain said that Obama has run the dirtiest campaign in history, demonstrating that she does not know much history. Campaigns in Lincoln's day were downright disgraceful. Governor Palin's remarks linking Obama to terrorism would seem to be much "dirtier" than anything we have heard from Obama and Biden. Letting supporters call for killing your opposition seems way past dirty and right straight into seditious.

We need to know more about Governor Palin. Where are those old time investigative reporters? Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them, or even Hedda Hopper for that matter?

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