10/03/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Can We Stop Talking About Bristol and Start Talking About Important Things Now?

Funny that. And I was just getting sick of hearing about Sarah Palin.

I think we mostly agree McCain picking Palin was a strange choice that informed the public that it takes more experience to break into middle management at an Applebee's then it does to get the VP nomination. Okay, yes. Can we move on now and talk about more important things like what my yet-to-be-conceived children are going to do for work (and how they are going to support me in my old age) once the economy shrivels up and the ice caps all melt? Apparently not--cuz now Palin's daughter's pregnant. It's like the icing on the frosting cake.

Meanwhile Obama's post-DNC numbers are slipping. And by the way, what is Obama even doing right now? How well did he handle the hurricane? We don't know because we're obsessed with the every move of some teenage girl whose problems are about riveting as the average after-school special. I do not, repeat, do not want to know the name of Bristol's baby-daddy and -- though I am sure he's lovely -- what makes the media think that I am in any way interested in seeing his "soon to grow up faster than he ever planned" adolescent face all over my computer screen? Seriously. Gross. Not him, us for caring about him. How do we know McCain didn't pick Palin for exactly this purpose, a clever scandal-generator that will detract attention from Obama for the remainder of the election season.

Can we please get back on the Hope wagon and not ruin all of the amazing and substantial things that have come from this campaign with the story of a seventeen year old's coming of age in Alaska.

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