02/08/2012 12:47 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2012

'The Flip Side': If Women Acted Like Men In A Bar

What would happen if women acted like men at bars?

If you've had your fill of terrible pickup lines, offers of shots from uninteresting and/or creepy parties and drunks attempting to grind on you and your friends on a bar dance floor, this video is for you.

Director Jay Diaz's "The Flip Side" imagines an alternate universe where women act the way (he perceives) men do at a bar: These ladies are out to score. While I'm not sure that getting picked up is ever a one-way street (and last I checked, women can buy drinks for men, too), I did love watching these women using over-the-top lines like, "Are you sure you guys aren't brothers?" and one man at the bar with friends decline an advance from a gorgeous woman with "you seem like a nice person, but we're just trying to catch up a bit." The end is pretty satisfying, too.

WATCH: 'The Flip Side'