11/30/2010 02:06 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

What Guys Want You to Know (Part 3)

Interviewing guys about dating and relationships is one of my favorite things to do. Aside from gaining some valuable information, I'm always fascinated by the variety of answers. It's why there are so many dating books on the market; not to mention life/dating coaches, therapists, etc. Plus, why else are women meant to have girlfriends in their life? There's no right answer for what a guy wants, no correct response on how to make a guy happy (ok, except maybe that), and no right way to bring up difficult conversations. Hopefully, though, these guys will help give you some insight, some direction, and certainly some laughs.

Q: What is the most romantic thing you've ever done for your fiancée/girlfriend/wife?

"I tied a string to the front door that she followed throughout the house to various notes and gifts, ultimately leading to me and the first 'I Love You' of our relationship" (Jason, 29, St. Louis, account manager/publicist, in a relationship).

"The fact that I had to think about this for more than five minutes isn't a good sign, is it?" (Matthew, 32, Seattle, senior magazine editor, married with a one-year-old).

"Surprised her by flying in her family without her knowing" (Buck, 31, Detroit, social media director/on-air radio, married).

"On our first date, she mentioned some random toy she never got as a child. For our one-year anniversary, I tracked down the toy on eBay and bought it for her" (Aaron, 30, Los Angeles, comedian/author, single).

"This changes with kids. I have surprised my wife on unexpected getaways to romantic islands and given her thoughtful gifts, but nothing compares to changing a baby's diaper when it is her turn" (Michael, 33, Las Vegas, casino manager, married with kids).

Q: What is a deal-breaker for you with a girl?

"Smoking. Or a hotmail account" (Aaron, see above).

"Lack of common sense/intelligence. You do not need to be a rocket scientist (whew!), but being able to have a normal conversation is a must" (Bob, 31, Chicago, lawyer, in a relationship).

"Hairy nipples" (Brad, 31, San Francisco, recruiter, single).

(Author's Note: I'm not sure whether to laugh or be completely disgusted.)

"Two things: 1) Nothing interesting to say -- she needs to have some energy and some good stories. 2) Too much interest at first. This is not to say play hard to get -- definitely show interest to reinsure the guy -- but don't send him 10 text messages a day and an additional 10 pictures messages!" (Aaron, 31, Pittsburgh, scrap metal broker, single).

(Author's Note: Um, ok, Aaron... that's not showing too much interest; that's being a stalker!)

"If she is vague when answering straightforward questions, like... 'Where do you live?' If she can't answer, I assume she has a live-in boyfriend. Or 'What do you do for a living?' If she can't answer, I assume hooker" (T.J., 32, San Diego, sports exec).

Q: What is your idea of the perfect date night?

"Let's start with dinner at The Capital Grille (it will make vegans make the switch, although they have vegan friendly food too). Must have a car service so you can both drink. Then find a good bar to follow up dinner with -- like a W Hotel bar/pool or a Standard Hotel. Then surprise your girl by not going home and have a room ready for all night relations. ☺ Room service for breakfast, maybe a couples massage in the morning" (Buck).

(Author's Note: I'm wondering why I never dated Buck! Easy answer though -- he was dating my good friend!)

"Dining in and board games with good vino" (Bob).

"I'm still stuck on high school date nights -- dinner and a movie" (Jason).

"Because I have a new baby, I'd settle for dinner and a movie. But this is the honest to God truth: eating dinner out on our west-facing deck as the sun sets is pretty sweet, too" (Matthew).

"If it's a first date, that would be: a good connection, laughter, drinks, story telling. Definitely a romantic getting-to-know-each-other-part. A dimmed light atmosphere at a blues bar. Window seat. A passionate kiss with a promise for a next date" (Michael K., 33, New York City, web developer, engaged).

(Author's Note: This guy has it all planned out, doesn't he?! No wonder he created this proposal and aired it on TV!

Q: What is the sexiest thing a woman can do for her guy?

"Clean the baby vomit off of her shirt before getting into bed. Oh, and take her mouth guard out before we start to engage in adult activities" (Matthew).

"Feel confident about herself and have a sense of humor. You can wear the sexiest clothes, get dressed up, etc., but if you don't feel confident, it's all for nothing" (Tony, 40, St. Louis, financial services, engaged).

"I am positive your media outlet cannot print my answer" (Michael).

"Have self confidence. It's very hard for us to think you're sexy when you don't think you're sexy" (Jason).

(Author's Note: Ladies, listen to him!)

"Threesomes? Just kidding. No seriously -- threesomes. ☺ Being yourself is truly the sexiest moment in the world" (Buck).


Stay tuned for Party 4 of "What Guys Want You to Know," coming soon!

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