10/06/2011 11:13 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011


When Steve Jobs founded Apple, he began a relentless pursuit to improve the consumer experience.

The computer then was daunting to the consumer -- untouchable.

By making the consumer experience everything, he opened access to a new world.

From there, he opened access to unlimited entertainment and content right at our fingertips.

He taught us that just because the paradigm doesn't exist, doesn't mean it can't exist.

The irony is that Jobs didn't invent technology for computers, cell phones, or digital music.

He invented accessible and simple. Accessible and simple methods, business models, and devices that we'd be stupid to not employ.

Behind the accessible and simple interfaces, the simple way to access music, were solutions to complex problems.

And with these solutions, he unlocked trillion-dollar industries. Apple led, others followed.

Today, our current daunting problems represent the next great economic boom.

We just need to marry big problems with entrepreneurs with the relentless pursuit to solve them with simple, accessible, powerful answers. Answers we'd be stupid not to employ.

Crossing the next frontiers will have to be without Steve, but he can motivate us all.

Through all his inventions of iPod, iPad, iPhone -- he taught us iCan.