The Anti-War March In Convention Denver

09/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Quite by accident I ended up at the anti-war march at Civic Center Park in Denver today. After learning from newspaper and TV reports about the expectations of violence that would come as a result of the protests, I was happy to see that so far, those expectations have been unfulfilled. It was a peaceful march with people of all ages. I saw young, middle aged and elderly people, blue collar and white collar all marching together in common cause. There were parents with small children carrying signs and entire families marching together. Their signs told of the number dead from the war and the billions we spend on conducting the war each day. They carried signs asking for peace.

As with any march, one area was filled with people opposed to the marchers. Country music blared in that section. Signs honored General Petraeus as "man of the year" and called the marchers the "Al Qaeda Fan Club." Policemen stood shoulder to shoulder as if the right wingers needed protection but the marchers paid them no mind.

I have posted two clips on YouTube with pictures of the march.

Also see my other video of the march, this one with a soundtrack.