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Jill Herzig
Jill Herzig is the editor in chief of Dr. Oz THE GOOD LIFE, a new healthy lifestyle magazine and joint venture from Hearst Magazines and Mehmet Oz, M.D. Inspired by the optimism, curiosity, and energy of Dr. Oz, the magazine delivers fascinating news for the body, mind and soul, plus a healthy dose of fun.

Prior to this, Herzig was editor in chief of Redbook magazine since 2010, where she led the title to a successful redesign and re-energized the conversation between the brand and its 8 million readers. Under her leadership, Redbook won a Clarion Award in 2014 and a Gold National Health Information Award in 2011, and was nominated for two ASME National Magazine Awards.

Previously, Herzig was the executive editor of Glamour from 2003-2010, during which time the magazine won three ASME National Magazine Awards, including Magazine of the Year, and was nominated five times. In addition to managing the editorial content and staff of the magazine, Herzig worked on brand extensions, including the development of books and special issues. She also played a leading role in the planning of the magazine’s signature events.

Herzig was features director of Glamour from 2001 to 2003 and served as special projects director of Self from 1999 to 2001. Before that, she was executive editor of New Woman, senior articles editor of Glamour from 1993 to 1998, and prior to that, a senior editor at M. Herzig began her career at Cosmopolitan as am associate book and fiction editor.

Herzig has made numerous appearances on national television, including the TODAY Show, The Talk and The Doctors.

Herzig lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two daughters.

Entries by Jill Herzig

5 Ways You Change When You Hang Out With Dr. Oz

(0) Comments | Posted September 16, 2014 | 6:39 PM

Every job change comes with lifestyle changes: You adjust to a different commute, switch your coffee place, maybe spiff up your wardrobe (a handbag upgrade is always in order, am I right?). But when you begin to work for Dr. Mehmet Oz, world-famous cardiothoracic surgeon and healthy lifestyle guru, the...

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What the Still-Married Can Learn From Gwyneth Paltrow

(0) Comments | Posted April 24, 2014 | 5:31 PM

Now that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have introduced us to the term "conscious uncoupling," it looks like we're stuck with it. Initially, people made fun: Why couldn't these two celebs say "divorce," like any other hangdog pair facing the end of their marriage? Was there really something different about...

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Which Oscar Stars Actually Have Style? We'll Never Know.

(0) Comments | Posted March 7, 2014 | 9:35 AM

It starts to sound like a lightbulb joke: How many people does it take to get a woman dressed for the Oscars? Kidding aside, the answer seems to hover around 10, when you factor in several designers who compete for the honor of custom-making a gown for her, the celebrity...

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Is 'Let It Go' a Protest Song for the Toddler Set?

(6) Comments | Posted March 1, 2014 | 11:28 PM

At any given moment in America right now, thousands, perhaps millions of children are belting out the platinum hit from Frozen, "Let It Go." Some of their moms are singing along (despite a kerfuffle over Elsa's surprisingly sexy performance), mainly because it's impossible to get this tune out...

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Who's Afraid of Beyoncé? Maybe Jamie Foxx

(9) Comments | Posted January 27, 2014 | 1:07 PM

You might feel that you saw a little too much of Beyoncé's behind at the Grammys last night. You could be tired of her PDA with Jay Z. Twitter certainly reflected those two viewpoints during and after her/their performance. But no matter what, you had to stand back and admire...

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Maryville, Steubenville, Anyville

(2) Comments | Posted October 30, 2013 | 4:56 PM

"Her hair was wet and frozen and she didn't have any socks or shoes or anything on her hands... it was about 22 degrees," said Daisy Coleman's mother, Melinda. Why, of all the things said about the teen rape case involving her daughter, did these words chill me...

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Why in the World the Average Woman Should Care About Fashion Shows

(38) Comments | Posted September 11, 2013 | 5:01 PM

Even after years of going to the fashion shows in New York City, I sometimes still feel like I fell off the turnip truck. And today, I actually look like I did, with a skinned knee on view for everyone to see across the runway (I earned my chic scab...

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Redbook's Crazy Cover Reveal: A New Mom Who Hasn't Lost All the Weight

(69) Comments | Posted July 25, 2013 | 3:26 PM

This week the Duchess of Cambridge (who I'm just going to call Kate like everyone else does) once again did what was expected of her: She gave the world a royal baby -- and a nice big one, at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. She survived the bump watch, the consternation...

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Hey, Arianna and Sheryl, Got Any Advice for Me?

(2) Comments | Posted June 23, 2013 | 5:07 AM

When someone invites you to her home for lovely food and good company, you should write them a thank-you note, so this is mine to Arianna Huffington for having me at her Third Metric Conference a few weeks ago. Admittedly, I was one of 340 women attending, but...

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Kids Growing Up: How Wonderful and How Sad

(1) Comments | Posted May 13, 2013 | 5:55 PM

A few months ago, an editor at Redbook brought me an essay by Laura Munson called, "Where Did My Little Girl Go?" In it, she expresses how hurt she feels by her 11-year-old daughter's constant, low-grade rudeness. Her daughter is no more than the usual mean tween, but because she...

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Have You Figured Out the Style Thing Yet?

(0) Comments | Posted March 12, 2013 | 12:59 PM

I was a late bloomer, style-wise. This is quite a confession coming from a woman who makes her living editing a fashion and beauty magazine. I'm only willing to put it out there because I wish I'd woken up earlier to the importance of having a confident look. And maybe...

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It's REDBOOK's No-Judgment Day! And While We're at it, Let's Ease Up on the 'Friendly' Advice

(4) Comments | Posted November 30, 2012 | 9:58 AM

I was sitting on the subway a few days ago, not entirely minding my own business, while the two women next to me discussed feeding their babies. One was extolling the virtues of homemade baby food, while the other mostly listened.

"It's SO easy, you just whiz it up in...

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Take Your Kids to Vote!

(0) Comments | Posted October 16, 2012 | 11:23 AM

I, for one, am sick of the presidential election. I feel as if Romney and Obama have been squabbling in the back of my car for years now, blaming and yelling, poking each other and kicking my seat. But on November 6th it will finally stop. With a sigh of...

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The Mompetitors: Can't Stop, Can't Win

(4) Comments | Posted September 13, 2012 | 11:41 AM

I grew up in the '60s and '70s, when motherhood was a different ball game. No one suggested that my mom do half the things that mothers feel compelled to do in 2012. For example, you did not sit for hours outside your child's class, day after day, until she...

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