12/29/2010 05:56 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Blizzard 2010 Purifies Us for a Hopeful New Year

Mother Nature has reared her head! All are forced to slow down from their obsessionally rapid pace. A hush surrounds us. The air is clear. We can see more vividly. And perhaps, we may take a moment or more to reflect and contemplate...

During this tormented time, after the past year - from the devastation of multiple wars through the near collapse of personal and national economies - we are given the opportunity to be still and contemplate our blessings.

Hopefully we affirm what is positive in our lives - the loved ones that enhance our being, from blood families through the friendships that create our extended one - the good health that we may be privileged to enjoy - the prosperity that still softens our existence - the food on our tables, that hot cup of coffee, a warm coat, the heat that allows us to sleep cozily, our dear four-legged friends...

Concentrating on our blessings has a cleansing effect. It sweeps away our fears and anxieties, softens us away from anger, fills us with light and love. In doing so we radiate the good will that touches everyone and infuses our earth with the healing energy so needed now - and always. We become that beacon of light, cleansed, purified to welcome in, with hope, our New Year! From our home to you, we wish you an en-light-ened 2011.

(c) Jill Lynne 2011
Photo: Jill Lynne with HRH Prince Shadow; Fluffer-Nutter Woofer-Snapper