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The Taxonomy Of Horrible Bosses

Posted: 07/13/11 01:41 PM ET

As most of us have seen from the marketing campaign for "Horrible Bosses," and some of us from watching the actual movie this weekend, the new comedy focuses on three types of, well, horrible bosses: The Psycho, The Maneater and The Tool. However, since one of my twelve not-so-horrible jobs is running the workplace venting site, I know there are many awful bosses not represented in this hilarious movie. In fact, my writing partner Johnny McNulty and I recently went to the library to do some research (and smell the books) and discovered that there is an entire taxonomy to bosses, beginning with the Bossi family. We'd like to share some of our findings with you, detailing which genus and species classification of Bossi is responsible for causing your rants.

The Anal Nitpicker
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Please fire me. My boss makes everyone sign out on a list when they leave their desk to go to the bathroom.

The Anal Nitpicker (Managerus Anae) is a common subspecies of boss spread across most of the Northern Hemisphere, marked by neat drab clothing and angry eyebrows. While most members of the manageri genus evolved a defense against sweating the small stuff to focus on larger goals, a small group branched off that now feeds only on tiny, mean-spirited tyrannies over their employees. Easily startled and provoked by anything but the proper paperwork.
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