04/18/2011 03:24 pm ET | Updated Jun 18, 2011

Inanimate Objects Chris Brown Hates And Why (ILLUSTRATIONS)

Written by Jill Morris and Ted Travelstead, Illustrations by Ramsey Ess

Writer Ted Travelstead (co-author of "Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk") and I did some research and discovered that there are hundreds of inanimate objects that Chris Brown would personally destroy if he could. With the help of artist Ramsey Ess (illustrator of "Please Fire Me: Posts from the Revolting Workplace"), we created this slideshow of the thirteen greatest offenders, detailing what it is about them that angers Brown so.

After singer Chris Brown downgraded his violent outbursts from battering women to battering furniture after an unpleasant "Good Morning America" interview, the public breathed a sigh of relief that his temper was no longer an immediate danger to the people around him. But what about the inanimate objects that have felt his wrath over the years?

Take a look and vote for the inanimate object most unfairly victimized by Brown!

Inanimate Objects Chris Brown Hates And Why