11/09/2011 09:35 pm ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Under the Bridge You'll Find Us Waiting, Under the Bridge We'll Sing a Song (Audio)

Jill: I had just heard from another (former working musician) friend that had recently been fired from their job and was having a hell of time finding another. They were at the end of their rope -- having to move back in with the parents. I joked that they had spent a ton of dough in the past trying to have some sort of homeless hipster look, but now they really were. In "Under the Bridge" I imagined an "Our Man Godfrey" hobo town filled with destitute artists, students, and working class stiffs banding together. I wrote this with my songwriting partner, Robin Eaton, and put it on a live fan-funded record with the fabulous John Doe (of X and Knitters fame). To all the good folks pitching tents at OWS, this one's for you. I support you, hope you keep warm this winter, and ask you to keep a spot open in your tent for me. 

John Doe: There would be no Day at the Pass record if it weren't for "Under the Bridge"! Jill called me up and said, "I found a guitar and wrote a song with the tuning it was in." The poor guitar had no name, only five strings and I believe it was tuned to open F or C. She said the song was about people who lost their middle management jobs and are going to end up learning how to cook mulligan stew with their college degrees. Anyone can tell that it was a song that just popped out fully formed, all inspiration, I don't think she had to edit it at all. It's turned out to be very prophetic since there are Occupy camps all over the world these days. And the protests are not just about lost jobs, it's about how people have to learn to pull together, organize and try to fight against an unequal system that has grown much worse over the last 5-7 years. Playing this song is always a joy and people get it immediately!

By the way, you can get "A Day at the Pass" on itunes or even better... Jill's site: And John Doe has an even newer record out.

Here's the song, "Under the Bridge":


You got the message, yes they're closing shop
And in two weeks you'll be out of the job
So take the pencils and the paper clips
Cause that will be your only parting gift

Under the bridge you'll find us waiting
Under the bridge we'll sing a song
Under the bridge we'll light the fire
Under the bridge come on

Then you got the notice, you have to leave your home
Down by the highway, at least your not alone
No one bought the record, no one will buy this song
But you can join the chorus
And we'll all sing all along.

Under the bridge we're all together
Under the bridge we understand
Under the bridge let's pool our money
Under the bridge come on

Gather round the barrel, we'll drink the freshest wine
You might think your story's bad, but let me tell you mine

Under the bridge we'll all be waiting
Under the bridge we'll start a band
Under the bridge we'll light the fire
Under the bridge, come on

Singing "happy days are here again
The sky is bright and clear again
So, Let's sing a song of cheer again
Under The Bridge