09/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Riches to Rags: Hollywood Cashes in on the Recession

"On 'Hank,' Wall Street big shot Hank Pryor (Kelsey Grammer) loses his job...his maids, his yacht, his sub-zero fridge and his king-size bed, along with his blissful ignorance about the basic tasks of human existence. 'These are the kinds of things you can deal with in comedy. A sitcom about a big shot like Kelsey Grammer's character who is now having to make his own toast can really be therapeutic.'" - Reuters

We know you've loved all our new fall programming, now it's time to get just as excited about NBS's mid-season sitcom offerings!

Real Estate: On "Real Estate," a former house-flipper, Samantha Drake (played by the always fabulous Megan Mullally!) learns that life's not always just a bed of perfectly landscaped roses!

After her multi-million dollar business all but dries up, Samantha is forced to give up the luxurious life and camp out in one of the properties she's listing. Can she finally make another sale? Will she put a more "personal" sort of property on display when she mixes up the time for an open-house with her "alone" time in the shower? And how will she ever learn to get the caffeine she needs without assistants to pick up her latté? Hilarity is sure to ensue when things finally get "real" for Samantha!

The Nottie: The stunning and wealthy Portia Giles (Anna Faris, of "The House Bunny"!) was right on track for a modeling career, a marriage to a man even wealthier than her father, and a life of international leisure, when a tragic accident wipes not only her memory, but with it, her access to her massive credit lines!

Laugh along as gifted physical comedienne Ms. Feris works her way through rehabilitation therapy, giggle at the crazy coincidences that keep her family and friends from noticing her on the news, or really caring much that she's disappeared, and guffaw at her attempts to learn the ropes of the "normal" life (as a Walmart greeter!) she assumes she had before the accident! Looks like all that reconstructive surgery won't only be very minutely changing Portia's face, it will be changing her life.

Functionally Retarded: Rich party boy Geoffrey Q. Butterton (David Hyde Pierce) has always had everything handed to him on a silver platter: his massive apartment, his high-brow elitist college education, even his daily 5 o'clock cocktails! But when he finds out his mortgage (another of those 'plebeian' things he'd never paid any attention to!) is no longer being paid out of his trust fund, he's going to have to learn fast!

Laugh cathartically as Geoffrey operates an "analog" toothbrush without his usual personal attendant, is subjected to the ignominy of dial-up internet, and is forced to wipe his own behind for the first time in his life while he learns that his money isn't the only thing that can go down the drain!

Brick by Brick: Fitzgerald Simmons (Ryan Seacrest, in his first attempt at "acting"!) built his empire on firm handshakes, rock-solid investor confidence, and an abundance of trust - too bad he didn't have any money to back it up!

But when Fitzie is forced to share a cell with one of the men he scammed on his rise to the apex of a pyramid scheme, he starts to learn what "rock-solid" really means, both in prison shower lingo, and in friendship. Will their new 'so-crazy-it-might-work' scheme help Fitzie and his newfound friend get back to life on the outside, or are their wits less sharp than the ends of their toothbrush-shivs? Either way, you'll be laughing along with this modern answer to the odd couple (and we mean that in more ways than you know!)

New Developments:
When Ryan Rothschild (the inimitable Sir Ian McKellen, in his first role on American television!) inherited his father's massive real-estate conglomerate thirty years ago, it looked like the market would go up indefinitely, which is why he never bothered to tone down his high-rolling lifestyle, or pay any attention to where his Nile-sized cash-flow came from.

Now the bottom's fallen out, though, and Ryan's learning how the other half one of the day laborers he used to send his underlings to hire for cheap, uninsured work on his multi-million dollar projects! With an accent that leaves him spluttering at foremen who "don't speak the Spanish," Ryan's finally learning the nuts and bolts of his business...literally!

With Dame Judy Dench as Ryan's wife, Mercedes, who, after a lifetime of "manual labor" meaning "lifting a martini to her mouth," is forced to take her first-ever job as a janitress in the very building that, until recently, she and her husband occupied, a situation that provides endless brutally hilarious encounters! Laugh bitterly at the fact that the people who were higher up fell infinitely further than you did and are almost cripplingly incapable of handling their new situations every Thursday night at 9:30!