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Search Zen-gine

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You searched: local carpenters and contractors
Your search returned: We've found 17 listings for local carpenters and contractors, but before we clutter your mental and onscreen space with their listings, let us ask if you've considered the profound spiritual benefits to be gained from creating with one's own hands.

There's a sense not only of home improvement when you build your own shelves, or refinish your own cabinetry, or personally roto-root your overflowing toilet, there's a sense of personal value. When you're finished, you can look in the mirror and know that today you made something real, something tangible, something with character. Or in the case of the toilet, you made the smell finally go away, a pleasure almost as viscerally satisfying.

If you still don't see it that way, feel free to scour those listings. Just know we can't support that sort of short-cut attitude.

You searched: Christian Louboutin footwear
Your search returned:
Worse than our healthcare troubles, the climate crisis, and the recession combined is our underlying national addiction: materialism.

Rather than spend several hundred dollars on a single pair of shoes, which we have found for sale in 37 online locations, with clearance prices! in twelve, why not use that money to create a memorable experience with someone you love? Or give yourself the treat of donating to a worthy cause? Or maybe just buy those Tom's shoes instead, the ones where he gives a pair to Africa for every pair you buy?

That way, you wouldn't just find footwear, you'd find soul-wear, something we don't mean in an 'urban' way.

You searched: Friday dance nights downtown
Your search returned:
Do you know the sound of one hand clapping?

It certainly doesn't sound anything like the generic techno-infused club-music you're going to find at one of the 22 dance nights our search found.

Think about it - what are you really looking for? Will you find it in the bottom of a bottle at the back of a darkly-lit club, or in the arms of another one-night-stand?

If you want the easy, hollow way out, click here to see your results, but if you ask us, you should start doing a different kind of searching - into yourself.

You searched: Justin Bieber
Your search returned:
42,187,996 results. Perhaps true searching is, in the end, utterly futile.