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Fox Attacks Bloggers! You Can Fight Back

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In recent months, Fox noise has implied that Barack Obama is a terrorist, called black churches cults, and denied the existence of global warming. This week, Bill O'Reilly declared war on the blogosphere and its advertisers like JetBlue.

Enough is enough. It's time we hit Fox where it hurts...their bottom line.

Watch Fox Attacks Bloggers:

Imagine a world where every time Fox said something truly outrageous, that very day thousands of people across the country called local Fox advertisers (who had already been identified), alerted them of the outrage, and urged them to pull their ads immediately.

We put together the Fox Attacker tool to do just that... it will become a database of all Fox's local and national cable advertisers compiled by literally thousands of volunteers who are signing up at to monitor local Fox cable advertisers. You could even TiVo Fox and skip through the hatred and propaganda to just watch the ads!

Soon, we'll have a solid, verified database of Fox cable advertisers and we can start calling, and calling, and calling. And winning, and winning, and winng. See, we're pretty sure that a lot of local advertisers out there aren't making a conscious decision to support Fox's hatred and distortions, and if we just let them know what's going on, they will reconsider.

That's important. This isn't a boycott, we're just informing Fox's advertisers... nothing is more terrifying to Fox than the truth.

So if you're willing to identify advertisers, or willing to call or email them, then please sign up to become a Fox Attacker!