01/06/2011 08:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

CES 2011: Boxee Gets Built Into a Cool New TV (VIDEO)

One of the best known and most popular over-the-top applications became a set top box this holiday season. But the upstart software company isn't stopping there. This week at CES 2011 they announced a partnership with an HDTV vendor to embed the Boxee software into a TV!

Why is this a big deal? Because even though the $200 Boxee box delivers a great experience, in the end consumers want to cut down on their set top boxes, not add new ones in. And by building it into the TV, it helps these manufacturers differentiate their flatscreens from the competition.

The surprising news at CES, though, was that Boxee was teaming up with Viewsonic, a decidedly third-tier TV vendor. But it's a start. I fully expect Boxee to be bundled into other TVs over the next year.

Check out our video of the Boxee box for all the details of this groundbreaking announcement.

BOXEE Box inside a Viewsonic TV:

We'll have much more from CES as the show progresses. For all the updates, bookmark our CES 2011 special report!