06/25/2010 04:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stolen iPhone Victim Screwed Over by AT&T

Not everyone who tried to get a new iPhone 4 was successful. AT&T's draconian and byzantine rules for who can upgrade and who can't cause an epic fail for an iPhone user whose phone was stolen. Watch this tragic story for yet another example of how AT&T has to be the absolute worst cellphone service provider every.

This tragic story details how an early iPhone and AT&T customer was denied an iPhone 4 upgrade because she wasn't currently using an iPhone -- even though she'd clearly purchased a subsidized unit and had been paying off that subsidy for the last two years.

Tragic. But what's bad news for Apple is good news for Motorola. Find out why in this special report.

Watch this touching iPhone 4 tragedy now!