12/30/2009 02:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Cellphone Apps of 2009!

Every day in 2009 it seemed like we were bombarded with another hundred or so new cellphone apps, for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android/Google phone. We saw games, productivity enhancers, silly throw-aways, and serious programs.

Yesterday we posted our 5 worst cellphone apps of the year - which included big flops from Adobe and QIK.

Today it's the flip-side, the best cellphone apps, as picked by the cellphone app review team at App Judgment! These programs offer a great combination of fun, social connectivity and turn your phone (but not your iPhone) into an amazing communicator. The list is below, but make sure and watch the video to see why these are all so great - and a special, bonus best-of as well.

UStream Live Broadcaster: QIK's braindead iPhone app received our "worst" award, as it didn't even offer live video streaming for six months. On the other hand, competitor UStream came out with a video streaming program that works great, includes commenting and much more. Want to share your world with the world? This is the one to use, both on iPhone and Android!

List continues below, including our surprising number one app of the year!


Beejive for iPhone: There are a boatload of free instant messenger apps out there for mobile phones. So why pay $10 for this one? Because cream rises to the top, and anything this useful is worth a Hamilton. It's an amazing way to keep connected with your circle of friends.

Tweetie 2 for iPhone: If you use twitter, this is really the only choice for Apple's iPhone. It's fast, looks good, and even includes an off-line mode, so you can compose your 140 word masterpieces even if AT&T's lame 3G network is on the fritz.

Dragon Dictation for iPhone: Voice Recognition has been promised for decades, yet never lives up to the hype. At least not until 2009. Dragon has been working the problem for 20 years, and finally they got it right. The iPhone version really works - you have to see it to believe it!

Google Voice: If you haven't seen Google Voice yet, you're missing the true future of the cell phone. And if you have an iPhone, you are out of luck - because Apple's draconian approval process has yet to approve this amazing program. But Droid and other google-phone users are in luck. It works great on the platform and absolutely redefines the cell phone experience. Watch the full video to find out why it's number one, but this is the beginning of Google's eventual domination of the mobile platform!