The Wisdom and Unwisdom of Crowds -- A Rhyming Rant

12/08/2010 04:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Oh, the people who screamed in November this year,
Angry voters who threw out the Dems:
Did they think the thing through? Was it all very clear?
Oh, it's clear from where such anger stems:
They say, "I lost my job" or "It hangs by a thread."
They ask, "How come the bankers got rich?"
They cry, "We're in deep trouble, we can't get ahead.
The whole country is stuck in a ditch."

All that's true, and on some things the public knows more
Than the people in charge will admit.
For example, the public knows banks never bore
Any price for creating this sh*t.
But the public knows only by instinct, and that
Can be wrong just as often as right.
'Cause on figures and could fit in a gnat
What the voters know. Wow! It is slight.

Sure, they know who is who on American Idol
And the plotlines of NCIS.
But if asked about politics, hear people bridle:
"I don't know and I couldn't care less.
Those career politicians, they all are the same.
They all lie so, hey, why pay attention?
They have got the thing rigged, run an insiders' game.
They're all mother - a word I won't mention."

But because people scorn to keep up, know what's what,
People buy clever lies, gobs and gobs.
Just as "death panels" got them, it's open and shut
That "The stimulus saved zero jobs."
They buy "Under Obama you got a tax hike,"
And "The bailouts were never repaid."
They believe all these lies (from the big Fox News mic),
Join the "Government's evil!" tirade.

And so what did they do in November? They picked
More Republicans eager to shaft
All the unemployed folks (easy targets, oft-kicked)
And as eager to work all their craft
On behalf of the bankers' and millionaires' dough:
Must protect it, and get it, kiss-kiss.
Oh, the GOP loves that the voters don't know.
Yes, this ignorance: GOP bliss.