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Jim T. Miller
Jim Miller is the creator of Savvy Senior (, a syndicated information column written for Boomers and Seniors that is published in more than 400 newspapers and magazines nationwide. Jim is also a contributor on NBC’s Today show, KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City and is the author of The Savvy Senior, The Ultimate Guide to Health, Family and Finances for Senior Citizens, (Hyperion).

Entries by Jim T. Miller

How to Calculate Your Retirement Number

(1) Comments | Posted February 8, 2016 | 9:22 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
Can you help me calculate about how much my wife and I need to save for retirement? We are both in out late-fifties and want to see where we stand.

--Looking Ahead

Dear Looking,
Calculating an approximate number...

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Financial Paperwork: What to Keep, What to Toss

(0) Comments | Posted February 1, 2016 | 9:34 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
How long should a person hang on to old receipts, stock records, tax returns and other financial documents? I have accumulated boxes full of such papers over the years and would like to get rid of some of it...

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Could You Have COPD?

(0) Comments | Posted January 25, 2016 | 9:54 AM

2016-01-25-1453733058-5632382-6.3copd.jpg 2016-01-25-1453733079-7186530-COPDcigs.png

Dear Savvy Senior,
I have struggled with some shortness of breath for the past five years or so. I just thought I was getting older and out of shape, but a friend recently mentioned I...

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How to Find Discounts for People With Disabilities

(2) Comments | Posted January 18, 2016 | 8:51 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
Are there any worthwhile discounts available to people with disabilities, and if so, how can I find them? My wife - who's 48 - has Multiple Sclerosis that now requires her to...

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How to Keep Tabs On an Elderly Parent with Video Monitoring

(1) Comments | Posted January 11, 2016 | 9:53 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
Can you recommend some good home video monitoring devices that can help my sister and me keep an eye on our elderly mother? Over the holidays, we noticed that her health has slipped a bit, and would like to...

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Paying Income Tax on Social Security Benefits

(53) Comments | Posted January 4, 2016 | 9:26 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
Will I have to pay federal income taxes on my Social Security benefits when I retire?

--Approaching Retirement

Dear Approaching,
Whether or not you'll be required to pay federal income tax on your Social Security benefits will...

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How to Write Your Own Obituary

(0) Comments | Posted December 28, 2015 | 9:28 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
Can you provide any tips on how to write your own obituary? At age 80, I am in the process of preplanning my funeral and would also like to take a crack at writing my own newspaper obit too....

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Helping an Aging Parent With Their Finances

(0) Comments | Posted December 21, 2015 | 9:00 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you offer any tips on helping an elderly parent with their finances? My 82-year-old mother is having some trouble keeping up with her bills, and I just found out that she has been making a lot of small contributions...

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Pill Splitting Dos and Don'ts

(0) Comments | Posted December 14, 2015 | 9:33 AM

Dear Savvy Senior, Is pill splitting safe? I have several friends who cut their pills in half in order to save money, but I have some concerns. What can you tell me? Cautious Kim

Dear Kim,
Pill splitting -- literally cutting...

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How to Make Your Kitchen Safer and Easier to Use

(0) Comments | Posted December 7, 2015 | 9:37 AM

Dear Savvy Senior, What tips can you recommend for making a kitchen senior-friendly? My wife, who loves to cook, has had several kitchen-related accidents over the past year, which is why we would like to modify to make it safer and more...
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Senior-Friendly Furniture Aids for Mobility-Challenged Seniors

(0) Comments | Posted November 30, 2015 | 9:23 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,

I am interested in purchasing a recliner that lifts and lowers off the ground, or some other type of senior-friendly furniture that can help my elderly father. He's arthritic and overweight and struggles mightily with getting up from most of...

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How to Guard Against Deadly Aortic Aneurysms

(0) Comments | Posted November 23, 2015 | 1:00 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,

My father died several years ago, at the age of 76, from a stomach aneurysm, which now has me wondering. What are my risk factors of getting this, and what can I do to protect myself, as I get older?

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How Much You'll Pay for Medicare in 2016

(3) Comments | Posted November 12, 2015 | 4:10 PM


Dear Savvy Senior,
I know there won't be a cost-of-living increase in Social Security benefits next year but what about Medicare? I've heard some beneficiaries will get hit with a big Part B monthly premium increase in 2016. What can you...

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Required IRA and 401(k) Withdrawal Rules for Retirees

(2) Comments | Posted November 9, 2015 | 9:46 AM

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you give me the details on required IRA and 401(k) distributions? I turned 70 this year, and want to be clear on what I'm required to do, and when I'll have to do it.

--Planning Ahead

Dear Planning,

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How to Choose a Good Nursing Home

(1) Comments | Posted November 2, 2015 | 8:42 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
Can you give me some tips on picking a good nursing home for my mother who has Alzheimer's disease? I've been taking care of her at home, but she's gotten to the point where she's too much for me...

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Understanding Reverse Mortgages: Beware of Misleading Ads

(0) Comments | Posted October 26, 2015 | 9:38 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
Can you give us a rundown of how reverse mortgages work? I've seen actors Fred Thompson and Henry Winkler pitching them on TV, and they sound like a good deal. What can you tell me?

--Need the Money

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Social Security's Viagra Benefit for Kids

(5) Comments | Posted October 19, 2015 | 11:37 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
I've been told that my children, who are 13 and 16 years old, may be eligible for Social Security when I file for my retirement benefits. What can you tell me about this?

--Older Dad

Dear Older,

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How to Plan an Affordable Funeral

(0) Comments | Posted October 12, 2015 | 10:52 AM


Dear Savvy Senior,
When my brother died last year, my sister and I had a regular funeral for him and got stuck with a $12,000 bill. Can you recommend some funeral cost cutting tips or cheaper alternatives? I don't want to stick...

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How to Find a Better Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

(0) Comments | Posted October 5, 2015 | 11:25 AM

Dear Savvy Senior, I recently received a letter from my Medicare drug plan provider notifying me that they are increasing my co-pays next year. I'd like to look for a better plan but could use some guidance. What's the easiest way to...
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Specialized Services That Help Seniors Relocate

(0) Comments | Posted September 28, 2015 | 11:07 AM

Dear Savvy Senior, I need to find some help with selling my elderly mother's house -- where she's lived for almost 50 years -- and relocating her to an apartment or condo closer to where I live. Can you recommend any businesses...
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