03/10/2011 03:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Chance to Own a Rare Photo of David Bowie and Help The Mario Batali Foundation

The Mario Batali Foundation was established to ensure that kids had enough food in their stomachs. It should really come as no surprise to anyone that knows Mario that he would want to do something to make sure that kids had the energy to dream big. Mario believes that if you want to be a rock star, you can. If you want to be a rock star chef, you can. If you want to rock some orange Crocs, maybe you shouldn't. That's his thing.

Anyone who's ever been lucky enough to be around Mario knows how much he loves music. Even when he's cooking he can't help playing air guitar when he hears one of his favorite songs. Well, this auction combines the best of both of these worlds. It's a chance to benefit the Mario Batali Foundation by purchasing a rare print of a never before published photo of David Bowie from 1973, by legendary photographer Mick Rock. You can't put a price on something like this, but let's try. Get out those checkbooks everyone. This is for a really great cause... Wherever you are around the world, you can go to

Mario Batali's Foundation has just announced a grant to create and furnish a library in NYC for low-income and at-risk children. Help build a library! Feed their heads!


About The Mario Batali Foundation:

Long before he was a household name, Mario Batali was a philanthropist. Whether donating his time, services or dollars, Mario has been actively involved in the charities close to his heart for many years to raise awareness and support for children's disease research and relief, and hunger relief. Prompted by these philanthropic efforts, in 2008, Mario launched the Mario Batali Foundation. The MBF strives to ensure that all children are well read, well fed and well cared for. For more info visit