05/28/2010 12:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kudos to Sandra for Taking Down "The Biggest Villain" on Survivor

My girl, Pavarti Shallow, didn't win "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" last night, but I'm glad at least that Russell Hantz didn't get a single vote and that his greatest rival, Sandra Diaz-Twine pulled off an upset victory. It's amazing how even though he had no shot of winning he was still the center of attention at the Final Tribal Council.

It turns out that Sandra's win was directly the result of having stood up to "King" Russell by conspiring against him with the Heroes team, telling him directly that she was against him, and burning his hat. This made her a darling of the jury who was foaming at the mouth for revenge against the snake that had blindsided each and every one of them. At least he's a consistent serial back stabber.

Parvati's clever strategy of making allies with Russell may have helped her to get into the final three, but in the long run the alliance may have sunk her due to all of the animosity created in the jury against Russell. Even her desperate attempt to show she had been in control of him ("he was my pet") may have backfired. It was clear that Russell had a crush on Shallow even after they had turned against one another as he couldn't bring himself to vote her off, writing Jerri Manthey's name down instead. Parvati would have done better to push for getting rid of Sandra instead of Jerri as Jerri was considered a pawn of Russell's and the jury may have chosen Parvati over Jerri.

As it turned out, the three finalists were the best strategic players in the game so they all deserved to be there. Russell, ego-maniac that he is, had the nerve at the Reunion show to tell host Jeff Probst that the show was flawed and that Sandra didn't deserve to win because she won no challenges. Can't he see that that may have been part of her strategy? The strong players often get voted out first because they are threats. Hantz felt the public should have a vote on who wins. It's true that the viewers voted Russell a favorite two times in a row now, but that's because he is fascinating to watch. The public also likes horror movies and gawking at car accidents.

Sorry, Russell. Don't be a sore loser. You are so narcissistic that you couldn't even admit you stink at the "social aspect" which is 1/3rd of the game of Survivor. No jury votes for you this time and you are still in denial about your losing strategy after another woman (both of whom you said had no chance of winning) beat you once again.

But here I go, making this article about Russell instead of Sandra or Parvati, but I can't help myself. Russell Hantz represents an example of the lowest traits American society has produced in people: disloyalty, dishonesty, egocentricity, greed, manipulation, bullying, lust, and power grabbing. (Think Enron, Goldman Sachs, BP, Halliburton, Blackwater, Congress etc.) Russell also owns an oil business. What a coincidence!

Russell Hantz would easily win a reality series called "The Biggest Villain" because he certainly is that. He makes the other villains on his team seem like saints in comparison. One thing I learned by watching this season is that there is a fine line between villains and heroes and that as human beings we all have attributes of both. Except for Russell Hantz, which makes him so fascinating and maddening at the same time. You're either for him or against him and I guess you know where I stand.