10/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

(Many) Stereotypes Thrown Away This Campaign Season

After watching "Real Time with Bill Maher" last Friday night I am more confused than ever about this election. It's like we are living in a bizarro political world. The good news is that the lid has been blown off of a lot of our stereotypical labels of people.

Consider this: the first black man nominated by a major political party is labeled "elitist" for calling small town Americans "bitter people who cling to their guns" by his rival, the first woman to almost win the Democratic nomination while she swigs whiskey and brags about being a hunter. The first woman to be picked for the Vice Presidency by the Republican nominee, the Governor of Alaska, was once a small town mayor who actually does cling to religion and guns.

The religious right is defending a seventeen year old's right to get pregnant (the VP pick's daughter) while the NOW Feminists are questioning whether a woman can run for higher office and raise a family of five (one of which is a special needs four month old.) It's not enough for the Feminists that a woman is running for VP, she must be a pro-choice candidate to be a true woman. When did issues determine our sex?

The far left blogs accuse the GOP VP pick's daughter of actually being the mother of that four month old while the mainstream media scrutinize her family and her qualifications for being VP and are accused of sexism by right wing conservative males who said nothing when the Democratic woman nominee was making the same claim.

Meanwhile, throughout this process the African American male nominee has mostly been given a free pass by this same media concerning his past and his qualifications for running for President.

This black man attempting to make history has a gift for oratory and drawing huge crowds while appealing to the young and minorities. Yet, he is mocked by the opposing campaign for being an out of touch, popular celebrity. Since when did charisma and popularity become a bad thing in politics?

We also have in the Republican party, the oldest man to ever seek the Presidency. However, the two mature white males with wisdom and experience that are running are being largely ignored by the media. The Democratic VP nominee was picked to be an attack dog. Now he must go up against a pit bull with lipstick (as she calls herself.)

The Republican nominee who is also a POW war hero and a self proclaimed "maverick" says he will reform Washington after he voted 90% of the time with the unpopular incumbent President for the last eight years.

The Democratic nominee says he will bring change and unite the country although he has little or no experience or record to prove he can do that.

The Democratic National Convention's themes were party unity and support our nominee.

The Republican National Convention's themes were party disassociation and attack the Democratic nominee.

What am I, a 56 year old woman, swing voter who is gay, a believer in civil and human rights, feminism, the peace movement and social justice, who also comes from a small town, was raised Baptist and believes life begins at conception to do?

I can't wait for the debates!