03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Susan Boyle Represents the Underdog in Us All

I just received Susan Boyle's new CD I Dreamed A Dream and I have to admit, I was enraptured at first listen. In fact, I was moved to tears. I don't know if it was the music or the thought that she had dedicated this album to her mother and it made me miss mine who died three years ago of Alzheimer's Disease. My mom had a beautiful soprano voice and she always had a dream of sharing her gift with the world.

In a way, Susan is doing that for her. She represents the underdog in all of us. Anyone who is a wallflower, insecure, bullied, gay, a minority, too heavy, too thin, too tall, too short, too old, too young, too plain, too beautiful, too smart, too dumb, too talented, or just different can relate to Susan Boyle. Which is just about every one of us.

It was what drew us to her in the first place when she appeared on Britain"s Got Talent and was prematurely judged by the audience and panel before she even sang a note. Then we all melted. She has the kind of voice that transcends time and space.

It is the kind of voice that touches the soul very deeply and it is hard to put the impression of hearing it into words. As I listened to her CD rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream," the song that catapulted her to fame, I was transported back to her debut on the show and remembered seeing the shocked and elated faces of the judges and audience. It made me smile. This version is more refined but just as uplifting.

In fact, there was not a song on this CD that I didn't like. I was amazed at Susan's dynamic versatility, displaying a sweet, soft, lilting style on "Amazing Grace" and "Silent Night" as well as a strong, powerful vocal tone in the haunting "Wild Horses", the inspiring "I Dreamed a Dream", and the spiritual "Up To The Mountain." "Cry Me a River" was sensual and "How Great Thou Art" soulful. I also could hear shades of Madonna in "You'll See" and Celine Dion in "Who I Was Born To Be." Not bad company.

Susan enunciates well, has excellent intonation, but more importantly, she is musical and sings from the heart. That's what makes her so enjoyable to hear. She has a rare gift and we are fortunate that she took that leap of faith to show her talent to the world.

Even with the rumors and tabloid talk about her being unable to handle the pressures of fame, we fiercely support her. Because she is singing for us. She represents everyone who has ever had a dream and was too afraid or insecure to pursue it. She has shown us that it can be done and we love her for it.

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