02/01/2008 05:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Barack: Tell Me About Your Peeps.

Senator Obama claims that he represents a new kind of politics - that he is a uniter, that he can bring people together and that he will bring a fresh, new approach to Washington politics.

I'd like to see some proof.

I want to see a "wow" move - a move that goes against the grain of politics as usual, I'd like to see him make a decision that is bold and at the same time, gives me more insight into the kind of president he will be.

I also feel that the race between them is so close - in my mind and in the minds of many - that we need and deserve a greater level of specificity.

So here's my idea. It's a big idea. Barack should hold a press conference. He should acknowledge that people are hungry for more details. He should then, in a bold and risky move, name his first choice running mate. Adding to that, he should name a few key people he has in mind for key cabinet positions.

Al Gore and Dick Cheney have changed the nature of the role of a Vice President in a profound way. The role has power in a way it never did before. Vice Presidents are no longer understudies at state funerals. They spearhead initiatives and, in the case of Dick Cheney, they can be given the authority to just do everything.

Why should the selection of a running mate be an afterthought? Especially in light of the growing role a VP will play. I actually think it's important information that is withheld until after I have to cast my ballot. It doesn't seem right anymore.

There are undoubtedly dozens of reasons this won't fly. First of course there is the issue that each candidate may consider the other as a running mate. That's OK - just tell me that. The deal does not have to be struck. I just want to know who they will ask first and who might be second or third.

Then I'd like to see a few names for Secretary of State and / or Attorney General. You know they both have lists already.

I'm not really asking for much. I am looking for evidence to support a claim that he will bring a new approach to Washington. Why should I have to take a leap of faith? He can make a bold move and give me some insight.

In a business as usual environment, my idea is far fetched at best. But in a fresh approach to politics, in a clear indication that he is looking ahead and not backwards, Obama could tell me about his peeps. It would be a sure fire way to ensure that I too became one of his peeps on Tuesday.