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Joan Lebow
Joan Lebow started her career in journalism then transitioned into public relations, corporate communications and marketing.
She's touted shiny fabrics, brilliant doctors and political stars and is ever on the lookout for the bright side of life's absurdities.
Her favorite articles written as a reporter included a Crain's NY Business piece about What Italians Make for Passover, and What's That Thingamajig in the John? - her Wall Street Journal page one about luxury hotels.
As a flack, she's handled some doozies -- some pure fun, some quite serious and consequential. Lebow was a spokesperson for NYC's Mayor and NY State's Comptroller. She spent ten years in healthcare, including overseeing corporate communications in a large NJ hospital system where human interest stories never end.
She's glad blogging is a chance to get back to a more personal writing style and promises more to come.

Entries by Joan Lebow

What Rudely Awakened Me To The Reality Of My Age

(4) Comments | Posted December 17, 2013 | 6:54 AM

There's always something that rudely awakens us to the reality of age. The blank stare of the 30-something at the office when I mentioned "fiddling while Rome burns." The moment I hesitated to use the words "pay phone" to describe a telecom job on my resume. Or simply that slightly...

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