John and Sarah: APalling

09/15/2008 07:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There's a lot of spin out there, and the way things are going, Sarah Palin may end up looking like Mother Teresa. With five kids and a gun.

There must be a few good reasons to vote for her. Let's see -- as vice president, she wouldn't need an army of secret service agents every time she goes somewhere because she's a good shot, and can very well protect herself.

She could help the White House chef defray expenses by giving him some recipes for caribou stew and mooseburgers, thereby cutting out the pricey filet mignon. And surely, beer (courtesy of Cindy McCain) could replace Champagne at formal receptions.

Likewise, she could lower the expense of maintaining the grounds by replanting the Rose Garden with hardy conifers from the north woods.

And since she's already an expert on foreign affairs, thanks to Alaska's proximity to Russia, she could bring in some other foreign affairs experts from the Florida Keys -- after all, they are just 90 miles from Cuba.

I stop there, because this is no laughing matter. Sarah Palin is an even bigger threat to American security, American prosperity, and American values than John McCain. Together, they could drag the country back to the Vietnam era, or the McCarthy era, or the Great Depression. Our Republican president and his Republican Congress have already put us on that track over these past eight years. McCain and Palin are not going to switch gears.

What really bothers me is how placid most Americans are in the face of this meltdown. Where are the tens of thousands who have lost their homes, who have lost their jobs, and the millions who can't afford medical care? Do Americans only complain when the price of gas hits $5 a gallon?

We kid ourselves that we're living in a free society, that market-place capitalism will self-correct and operate fairly and efficiently. Then, as we bail out Fannie and Freddie (and watch the death throes of Lehman and Merrill), we must be honest and admit America is practicing a perverse form of Socialism. Government angels rush in where greedy fools have trod -- they have plundered, and failed, and the American taxpayer foots the bill.

In another time, and another place, corrupt and inept governance would bring angry mobs into the streets. It would be a prelude to revolution. The Bastille would be stormed. The Potemkin would be sunk. But in America today, we turn on the TV and chuckle along with Stewart and Colbert and Letterman and Maher.

And we go to the polls with a shrug.

America! Wake up! Now is the time to express your disappointment, your disgust, your anger. There are just a few weeks left.

I don't envy the next president, whoever it is, because he will have one hell of a job to set things straight. But I hope and pray it will not be John McCain, with his evangelical, dull-witted, sharp-shooting sidekick.