Five Imagined Confessions of Elisabeth Hasselbeck

05/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Joanne Bamberger Author/Editor of Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox & E-I-C/Publisher, The Broad Side; President/CEO, Broad Side Strategies

You're not going to find me talking about uber-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck much at my blog, PunditMom. We don't exactly see eye-to-eye on anything in the political realm!

But I thought it was interesting that high profile mom Hasselbeck announced recently on The View that she has taken advantage of baring some of her more embarrassing motherhood moments at Truu Confessions (formerly True Mom Confessions), a place for women to share and bond over the secrets of their lives.

If you haven't been to the site, some random examples of confessions from anonymous posters include:

"Having a baby destroyed my body and I hate that. If I had known this would happen, I would have had way higher self esteem about my body before!"


"I love my daughter, but I don't always enjoy being a mother. I have little interest in playing with her. I dread the weekends because I know I have to entertain her for two whole days."

This is the kind of stuff so many of us think (and we know others do, too), but we don't dare say out loud for fear of being called a bad mommy. So it's nice to have a space to get stuff like this out in the open without fear of judgment.

While Hasselbeck "confessed" that there have been a few times when she's posted at Truu Confessions, she didn't go into any details of what she had to get off her chest. After a quick Google search, I'm wondering if there is an entry called Poop in the White House. If so, I'm guessing it's hers!

Aside from the poopy diaper at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I started wondering what kind of confessions, political or otherwise, Elisabeth might have. As someone who was so pro-McCain/Palin in the 2008 election, I bet there could be some really juicy ones! What if it turned out that Hasselbeck was really just pretending to be a right-winger for career purposes? I bet she'd be posting overtime (anonymously, of course!).

I started imagining what those "confessions" might look like! Here are a few I came up with that I could make for some good conversation at The View:

1. My husband and I voted for John McCain. Now I'm afraid to tell him that I want to name our new baby Barack or Michelle.

2. I have to pretend to like my bosses for fear of losing my job. But if I don't tell them their wardrobe choices need updating from my new clothing line, I'm going to explode!

3. Screw Sarah Palin ... I'M running for President in 2012!

4. If I can convince Bill O'Reilly that he should be on Twitter, I can TOTALLY get that gig at Fox News!

5. My co-workers pick on me all the time!! If they don't stop soon, I am SO going to send John Boehner to their houses for a conservative smack down!

I KID Elisabeth! What other "confessions" do you think Hasselbeck might have? Maybe they'll be included in the new True Mom Confessions book!

Let the confessions begin!

Joanne Bamberger usually sticks to more serious political fare at her blog, PunditMom. She is also a News & Politics Contributing Editor at BlogHer.